16 Ways to Collaborate With Other Businesses

16 Ways to Collaborate With Other Businesses - We Are Jersey
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Business owners, you may be in the dark about how to collaborate with other businesses. Well, have no fear! This blog post is here for sixteen tips on how your company can work together and achieve amazing things; whether it's looking for a partner or spreading love across town - these helpful suggestions will take care of all those needs (and then some)!

Cross-promote on Social Media

1. Cross-promote on social media

Cross-promotion is the act of promoting the same general topic about your business or brand in a way similar to cross-posting, but better suited to the audience and interface of each social media platform.

2. Share each other's blog posts


Besides sharing content across all of your social media platforms you can also curate content based on the author's post that you're in collaboration with. Write blog posts that summarize other people's research or breaking news. Create weekly or monthly summaries of your favorite blog posts. Ask customers, prospects, and influencers to contribute to your blog. However, you should always credit the original author of the content you link to.


Bloggers that share each other's blog posts and guest posts do very well with subscribers

3. Exchange guest posts


Bloggers need good content. Being a great guest blogger helps you build relationships with other bloggers by adding value to their blogs. Bloggers make up a large portion of online conversations, especially on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. They can have a huge impact. That makes them good friends. Making friends with other bloggers through guest posts will increase your social media influence and ultimately lead to more blog subscribers.


4. Swap leads

5. Give each other shout-outs

6. Refer clients to one another

7. Share case studies or customer stories

8. Give away free products or services in exchange for a review

9. Collaborate on a webinar or podcast episode

10. Join a local Chamber of Commerce and get involved in their events


When you get involved with the local community and the Chamber of Commerce, you will have a chance to meet and build relationships with businesses as well as individuals in your area. This will help with word of mouth.

Local Community Event

11. Collaborate on marketing campaigns

12. Provide free consultations to help other businesses with their projects

13. Donate products or services to be used as raffle prizes


14. Give a presentation on how to use your product or service

15. Sponsor a charity event or visit schools to talk about your business



16. Collaborate on content


We hope these sixteen tips have helped you get your creative gears turning. If they haven’t, don’t fret! The possibilities are endless when it comes to collaboration. Let us know in the comments below how you have collaborated with businesses and what type of business collaborations work best for you.

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