[Access Revised: These Woes Ain't Loyal]

[Access Revised: These Woes Ain't Loyal]
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You know, sometimes we are our own downfall, fellas. Ladies, some of y'all are wild! Human interaction is beautiful, but some people take it too far! You can do what you want when you're single when interacting with a potentially romantic, person of interest. HOWEVER, once you're taken/involved, certain things just have to stop! One item that generally should stop is flirting! Oh you just wanna be fresh, don't you? Uh huh, I see you!

I want to make a very clear statement; flirting being acceptable or not in a relationship, completely depends on both you, your partner, and the rules you've both set together for your romance! Monogamous relationships tend to enforce zero tolerance regarding flirting, but that isn't always the case for some couples, who may be intimately adventurous, spontaneous, and intentional with their passions and desires. Relationships seeped in polyamory/polygamy tend to be more flirtatious, but may have sets of couples who prohibit it. Requirements for certain action/freedoms are to be properly communicated then.

FLIRTING has been deemed harmless by many people, but do you comprehend why some people truly abhor it? Think about this...flirting with someone other than your partner, may very well signify that you've got little to no interest in the romance. It can easily be assumed that your respect for your relationship has died. On the contrary, some couples don't see it as negatively as previously written. Some couples see it as intriguing, watching their partner lure an unsuspecting soul in...just to give them the "you're cute but I'm sorry. I'm already taken" bit.

Some people have mannerisms that make them appear to be flirtatious, but if you're attentive enough, you'll notice that they aren't flirting at all. If you're single and reading this, be mindful of some married folk who like to flirt. Obviously it's a trap, but maybe that's what you want. I leave you to your own judgement (or discernment) on that end. That ain't got nothin to do with me! No matter the choice you make regarding flirting, remember that access to you should be minimal (or pretty much nonexistent) if that's an expectation in your relationship! Know what's right in regards to how you and your partner have spoken! You stick to that rule, and you can't go wrong!

A word from your love writer and enthusiast,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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