Bally Sports NBA Analyst Scoop B Discusses Politics and Basketball with Jesse Jackson

Bally Sports NBA Analyst Scoop B Discusses Politics and Basketball with Jesse Jackson
Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson, a veteran journalist, created Scoop B Radio in 2016 as a way to publicize interesting content on sports, lifestyle, and entertainment. His jarring interviews are popular among listeners and have included notable names like Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban, Pete Sampras, DJ Khaled, The Voice of Siri Susan Bennett, Shaquille O’Neal , and Dom Lemon.

Earlier this week, Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson sat down with Reverend Jesse Jackson to discuss voting, civil rights, and of course, basketball with the NBA Insider. Robinson opens up the conversation by wishing Jackson a belated birthday and praising him for the work he does for the community nationwide.

His latest interview with Jackson covers a lot of ground, including the impact of popular culture from his perspective. JSON talks about voting rights, the "Greatest Of All Time" debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan, Rihanna's Super Bowl Appearance, and the dynamics of Kanye West And Herschel Walker.

Check out some key points of the interview below:

On his take on the NBA with the way that they handled Robert Sarver…

Jesse Jackson: Yeah. He has no right to own that team. He has no moral authority. You don’t have to play for a man who has those kinds of beliefs and that kind of track record, so I think that they had to do in their own hats. When those conditions exist and also you could hear it in his voice, you can’t do well in that situation. It’s transparent with the unfair rules of the world.

On playing hoops with the late great Marvin Gaye (RIP)...

Jesse Jackson: We were back there playing on our court. Marvin asked me to do a lecute that year and I said, ‘I did it last year. I don’t want to do it this year… ’ and I said to Marvin, ‘I’ll tell you what. Here’s the deal: If you beat me 2 out of 3 times, I will perform. If you beat me 2 out of 3 times, I will not perform… ’ Well he performed! [laughing] I beat him the first two games. It was about 90 to 100 degrees outside but we had big fun out there.

On LeBron James and what he likes and respects about LeBron James the most…

Jesse Jackson: Well first, he’s kept his body in shape. So many guys cannot take or withstand the long haul. He’s an amazing guy. Didn’t go to college but he sounds like a bonafide man of peace with a Master’s degree. He speaks with authority; he’s a family man with a stable family, speaks with articulation and he carries himself in a way that makes you proud. Some guys don’t know the difference between celebrating and ‘clowning’ -- there’s so much clowning in some of those celebrations; he does his little things with his powder and that’s it. I think that we should never compromise dignity for the moment. When they touch down they start gyrating; I don’t think none of that is a good thing. We do our best and when you pass or drop the ball over your shoulder, act like you’re used to it or that you’ve done it before, you know what I’m sayin’? LeBron James to me is a solid gentleman.

On liking Rihanna’s appearance in this year’s upcoming Super Bowl…

Jesse Jackson: Yeah!! What the heck, it’s just entertainment. Who was shaking it years ago in the Super Bowl that year? It was Janet Jackson! And what was that white boy’s name? I remember in the 60’s when a black woman kissed a white guy on television and it became national news and I can’t remember the name right now but the point is, that they kissed on national television and it became national news. America now is so libral. America has been right-wing nation for a LONG time; 400 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow. In this nation we have been wronged for a long time. Blacks have symbolized this country. We have made this country more adjust; so when Trump says Make America Great Again , this nation has been better than it's ever been: more Blacks in Congress now which is 65; there was only one in ‘63. There was only one Black congressman representing the whole South and that was Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee all over the South. One guy. Now it’s 65 Black Congressmen and they’re representing all the major cities all across the South. People say that the ‘Ship has landed’ but we’ve done a lot to make America better and we’ve benefitted well from my own struggle.

On who is the greatest of all time between Michael Jordan and LeBron James…

Jesse Jackson: [laughing] C’mon man. Michael Jordan is the best. I saw him win 6 titles in a row and struggle to get that winning combination when he was coming up. I’m a little biased though because I saw Michael play so much and plus he’s an Omega Man so I’m a ‘little’ biased about that one [laughs]. But I’m not sure it matters. Bill Russell said, “How can you compare someone and they haven't even played against each other? ” You’re comparing how much they won. How can you compare [Wilt] Chamberlain to Jabbar? They played against each other. You have to compare the likes. So Michael was the best player in his day. LeBron is the best in his day and both guys did well on and off the court. Michael helps a lot of people and so does James building schools in Akron, Ohio; it doesn’t get any better than that.

Watch the full interview below:

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