Chxrry22 Debuts 'The Other Side'

Chxrry22 reveals The Other Side as her debut EP

Rising R&B songstress Chxrry22 reveals The Other Side as her debut EP while capturing the hearts and ears of listeners worldwide. In doing so, the trailblazing Toronto talent takes listeners on a musical thrill throughout the EP as she tells the bittersweet story of missing a past partner.

For a span of about 20 minutes, the feel - good R&B release charts the singer's yearning for old love with her drive to prioritize herself across seven tracks. Exploring themes of inner battles, duality, and a long lost love; The Other Side reflects many’s reality while moving the masses. When speaking on its inspiration, the thriving Toronto singer goes on to say:

The Other Side is about coming to terms with duality. We all have two sides — villain and victim…We can be both the villain and the victim in someone’s story and this is me owning that with this EP”. — Chxrry22

Her latest offering features raved records "Alone," "Wasteland," "Do It Again," "Call Me," "The Falls," "Us," and self-titled track, "The Other Side". Backing the amazing audio is production provided by Sensei Bueno of the label for the majority of the musical masterpiece. As for sizzling single, “Wastland”, Atlanta’s prominent producer Childish Major carries co-production credits on the track.


Chxrry22 reveals The Other Side as her debut EP

Truly music to the ears, Chxrry22 creates a nuanced storytelling experience throughout the EP. Utilizing melodic harmonies and rhythmically soft beats, Chxrry22 breathes a breath of fresh air into R&B delivering reminiscent sounds with a twist of Chxrry! Showcasing her artistry as a singer-songwriter, the artist pulls inspiration from her personal experiences and effortlessly translates them into lyrics forming trendy tracks. Also, giving her music an authentic feel and allowing her audience to have an inside look into who she is as an artist.

Bringing it back to the beginning, Chxrry22 stepped onto the scene in 2017. She jump-started her musical journey by dropping music online before rapidly receiving recognition for her raw talent. Although she didn’t see a future for herself in music, after going viral her perspective shifted. What was once a hobby, she began honing as a career.

Following the great feedback garnered from her releases, Chxrry22 relocated to the A, where she began pursuing her passion professionally. After moving to Atlanta to focus on her career, she established a small following which later landed her to gain attention for mainstream musicians like The Weeknd. Atlanta-based by way of Toronto, Chxrry22 chats about how the Atlanta sound and culture has influenced her musical sound and style.

“I think for me and my individual sound… I know I’m from Toronto. And growing up in Canada, we only had one Hip-Hop and one R&B radio station. Ya know? Before playlists and all of that. I got there when I was really young, about 20. So Atlanta shaped me. Especially after doing music in Toronto for a year before meeting my managers. It’s almost like musically, I grew up there… but as a person I grew up in Toronto. So I take traits from my life there and from my music life and I think that’s what keeps me really grounded.” — Chxrry22

After capturing the Grammy Winning Dawn FM singer’s attention, Chxrry22 inked a deal with his label to carry the crown as the First Lady of XO Records! When talking on the moment she signed with The Weeknd and what it meant to her as an artist from Canada of Ethiopian ethnicity who shares similar musical influences, she states:

“I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity, and definitely not something that I take lightly… if I could be the door for other women, then that’ll be so cool. I just want to be able to open the door for other women. To me, that’s the coolest part about being the first female on the label. I understand my responsibility, I’m honored and just want other women to get the same opportunities. That’s the most rewarding part.” — Chxrry22

In celebration of her debut EP, the XO headhuncho shares his support by co-signing Chxrry's debut via Instagram. With a huge turning point in her career, the XO Records/Republic Records-signee is on a rapid rise to stardom! She has racked up praise from platforms that have paved the way for stars such as: VIBE, BET, Flaunt Magazine, Complex Magazine, Rated R&B, Hot New Hip Hop, amongst many more! If you haven’t already, get familiar with this firey new face and voice of R&B. Press play on all things Chxrry22 and most of all her debut EP, The Other Side! Lastly, let us know what you think here at, We Are Jersey Magazine!


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