Exclusive: Trey Budden Discusses Legacy with Adrianna Lea

Exclusive: Trey Budden Discusses Legacy with Adrianna Lea - We Are Jersey
Trey Budden talks music and staying true to yourself | WAJ Magazine | We Are Jersey

New Jersey's very own Trey Budden is making a name for himself in the music industry, and he's got the talent and the attitude to back it up. In this video interview, Trey talks about how he stays true to himself and his art, despite what others might say.

Trey Budden discusses the start of his music career in high school. He didn't always know that music was going to be his life, but once he started working with other artists in the underground scene, he knew that this was where he belonged. Trey gives advice to people who want to start in the industry, saying that the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.

Trey also discusses that New Jersey's music scene is starting to get the recognition it deserves. He talks about a day in his life, being on Love and Hip Hop, and his new project called Mama's Boy. He walks down memory lane and discusses one of the most personal track on the album that he made about his father called Thoughts after the Court Room. Trey Budden says music is a way for him to process what happened in his life and move on.

This video is a must-watch for any creative person who wants to make their mark on the world.


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