"Fly On, Butterfly"

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Ladies, do you remember the thoughts you had once upon a time, when you saw a man who (properly) asked you out on a date? You gave him your number, and you couldn't stop cheesin' for hours upon hours. "Mmm, that man is fine!" "This date is about to be somethin to talk about!" "I can't wait to tell my girls about this one here; he is DOIN the damn thang!" You knew you were about to squeeze those hips into a skirt, that honestly you might wanna take off in front of him later (oop). Do you remember that first date night feeling? Can you recall everyone of those butterflies that were in your stomach doing the most? I know I know...it's crazy that some of those butterflies were in vain, because dude was just either a complete idiot, or didn't have a clue how to tend to you on a date. I know sometimes you may have told yourself, "I sure do know how to pick em, don't I?"

Well let's take some time and examine those butterflies for a bit. What do they signify? What can we say about them? What's the purpose for their presence in your body? Why are you feeling this way? Let's explore the possible reasons for the fluttering madness in your belly.


It's quite likely that a piece of you is hopeful for what could be. There's hope that the date will be everything you dreamed of, whether it's simple or extravagant. You're looking forward to what is likely to happen...your thoughts and dreams of this date are insanely soothing & exhilarating!


Those butterflies might be you, just suddenly beginning to feel nervous. You don't want to mess anything up; have a slip up in your attire, wear the wrong kind of makeup, or say something that dismisses your date unintentionally. You NEED this date to be beautiful! You see yourself moving forward with this person based on dialogue alone, and you want to ensure you don't make things go South.

Debatable confirmation:

Something in you just says, this feels too right to go wrong! Everything will likely take a turn for the greater....or maybe not. Maybe, this feeling happened when you had a "perfect" person hunting you beautifully, but they ghosted you. Know that in this factor, what you feel is still debatable! Dating will be forever accompanied by risk! Don't forget to attach that to the dating/romance portion of your thoughts & dreams!

The butterflies present within you do signify something unspoken, which folk tend to not tell you. It's a risk to date, but if you do not let those butterflies fly to the experience, you'll never know the outcome. Fear is a weapon utilized in all of life's choices! If you are afraid to date because of your past experiences, then you will never be able to find the person who is for you. Fear keeps you from open doors that are divinely set in your pathway! Fear pushes you away from what belongs to you! Fear will denounce your royal and divine identity, and make you feel as though your value is less than Spirit told you it was.

Let the butterflies influence your choice for dating! Make wise decisions that are thought out and properly assessed, and then release them accordingly! In all things romantic, know that the butterflies are there for a reason!

It is always a pleasure speaking to you, dear reader. Date wisely! Love accordingly!

Your gentleman & love writer friend,

- Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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