Hey Babe...Business Brunch?

Hey Babe...Business Brunch? - We Are Jersey

I haven't had the pleasure (just yet) to experience this, but I want to take a look into the very real idea of couples being in business together. In 2020 when the COVID pandemic first started, people had to stay home with their spouses...all day. The undisputed truth came out to many a romantic partner, about their perceptions of themselves and their lovers.

Can I be at home with this person, all day every day? What would the days look like, constantly being in this person's face?

Would the scent of her give me butterflies like the very first time I saw her, or would I rather stick my head in the mouth of a mountain lion than do this with her every day?

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*ahem* anyway...

Some couples did start businesses together, and prior to the pandemic's undesirable intervention, those business couples (that are happy around each other all day) existed too. The question is, how do they remain happily entrenched in each other's eyes all day? How did they make it happen? What's the formula?

Tommy Oliver said in a Black Love interview, "We firmly keep personal life and business life, separate," regarding how he communicates with wife, Codie Elaine Oliver. They have strongly comprehended the need, to not allow business and personal life to become entangled with one another.

  1. Keeping the "business vs personal" separation and distinction, is critical for a couple's survival! Bringing stressful work concerns into the bedroom (or even living room) could snap whatever peace is present, and friction in your commitment shouldn't occur due to work!

  2. Know when the allotted time for business dialogue is up! You see how you are when at a normal retail job, and once you clock out...YOU CLOCK OUT? That part...keep that same energy!! "Bae it's 5pm...we're off the business talk. What do you wanna eat?"

  3. RESPECT your significant other! I know this isn't for everyone (and that is great), but some people can do a job really well, and they underestimate their partner's capability! Yeah, don't do that buddy. He/she is probably just as skilled as you are, or they're even better. Maybe they aren't as good as you, but they aren't bad either. Teach them in a manner that doesn't put them down, and makes them feel less valuable. You do love them, correct? Talk like it!

  4. Affirm them in business and outside of business. Words are of the utmost importance in any situation, and business isn't excluded from that fact. Your words bring life or death, literally and metaphorically! Ensure that in the business aspect, he or she knows that you value them, authentically!

It is an exceptionally beautiful journey to be able to love your partner/spouse, and then build something together that'll magnify your desired legacy!! THAT IS INDESCRIBABLY FANTASTIC!!! In that truth however lies another...know when to be about your business, and then know when to be about your home. In both, remember your love...do not belittle, and you WILL prosper!!!!

Your favorite Love Writer, OUT!!

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