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Honestly Horrible - We Are Jersey
Can't we all just...you know...get along? To be HONEST we probably could, if certain key ingredients were added to the romantically deprived, plate of exclusive (or casual) dating. One of the major ingredients that people truly ignore is the small, necessary container full of honesty. Seriously...is it that hard to JUST BE HONEST? Stop putting on the facade; brothers, we've got to do better! Ladies...how many dates have you been on where you can tell the guy is just trying too hard, but you both have spoken prior to that first date? You already have an idea of what he is like, and you like who he actually is. Somehow though, he got the not so brilliant idea to pretend to be tough, or suave, instead of remaining the silly guy that you began falling for. Now look at you...TURNED OFF and annoyed, and he gets to go home feeling like a neglected goldfish that wasn't given any pellets for breakfast. Just maybe, keeping it real would've been the better option! Romance has a requirement of authenticity that isn't necessarily a written rule , but it is most certainly known. You can't be what many consider a "real one" unless your word stands when you speak (meaning you actually follow through with it), and your level of truth is more of known repute than lying. Consider also what happens at the end of a lie found out. Literally EVERY lie tends to have the exact same consequences. First , the trust people have for you drops excessively low. Secondly , a savage amount of pain follows after the lie has been found out. Damage is inevitable with each and every lie, and things tend to shift in regards to romantic interest. Fellas, why on this disgruntled and questionably sane planet would you lie to a woman you're interested in? Are you REALLY interested in her if you have to lie, or just interested in specific parts of her? Be authentically you and tell her the truth!! One should choose not to omit what it is that makes them who they are, for fascination & admiration can truly be found in an individual's uniqueness. Certainly somethings are personal and not to be spoken of too early, but the basic understandings should be noticeable. You are to be taught as well as to teach, and therefore there is value in properly presenting who you are to someone of interest. They will smile when they see you, and truly enjoy you as you display your authentic self. You know what else? It's so freeing to be honest. You can't get caught in a lie if you didn't lie, you know. Just be YOU ! Many people will learn to love it, and those who don't really don't matter.

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