How To Fold A Hoodie In 2 Major Simple Steps

Looking good and appearing smart is just a matter of choice, anyone can look that way effortlessly, all he/she needs to do is know what needs to be done to make the style tick. Nothing else. Simplicity and formula.    

Now let’s face it, having clothes is one thing and knowing how to deal with them is another. Confusing, right? Well, I’m talking about how to maintain and arrange them in a way they can maintain their quality.

And this is why it’s not surprising that in this amazing guide we are going to teach you how to fold a hoodie like a pro. Listen, you can have the best hoodies on the entire planet but if you can’t fold them properly, it is a mess! 

Let’s be clear, Everyone has a choice and also one’s clothing depends largely on the season. But If you want to feel breezed and relaxed then go for a quality hoodie that fits all criteria and learn how to store it. 



How To Fold Hoodie Like a Store

Below are some key two important steps you need to consider to fold your hoodies smoothly. 


1. Distribute Your Hoodie On A Flat Surface. 

This is a very important step. You need to place it on a flat surface so that you can fold it effectively. Right after that, make sure you pull down your hoodie head. Distribute it more. 

Play with it a little bit just to get everything straight. Don’t rush. 


2. Take The Left Side Or Left Arm 

Making sure you take the left side or left side and you’re going to fold it into the head. You will be making a rectangle and balancing it correctly. 

Keep the left arm of the hood horizontally and basically you have to do the same on the right side. 

Once both arms are horizontally, Fold it down from the top. And then take the bottom part of the hold and fold it as well. 

Next take the left arm, fold it and attach it. Basically do the same to the right side. 

Those are key important major steps you need to consider when folding your hoodie. 

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How to fold a hoodie? Solved. What is left now is for you to buy yours and start upgrade your entire look since hoodies can be a very perfect addition to your clothing outfits if well chosen. 

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