IAMKOKOA understands there is no turning back in 2022

IAMKOKOA understands there is no turning back in 2022 - We Are Jersey
Being fearless and disciplined is part of becoming great Everyone approaches a fork in the road and is forced to decide to move forward or turn around. These moments define the journey of pursuing destiny. Pressure creates diamonds or burst pipes in life. Seeing what you want is easy. However, manifesting the dream to fruition requires Championship DNA and a bold vision. Most people exaggerate their life, potential, and possibilities. One of the keys to being successful is walking in your truth at all times. People connected to their purpose understand the power of veracity. IAMKOKOA is cut from a different cloth Recording Artist/Entrepreneur ,IAMKOKOA vision is ultra-clear in 2022. IAMKOKOA understands her pain, passion, and inner strength. IAMKOKOA is lionhearted in her pursuit of Hip-Hop prominence. IAMKOKOA's lyrical content casts light upon her unconventional childhood and God-given creative skillset. She's a natural-born storyteller and lyrically pushes the envelope of rap music. IAMKOKOA's animal ambition is what sets her apart from the competition. IAMKOKOA controls rap culture's narrative, voice, body, and mind. She never wavered in seeking a career in Hip-Hop and assumed all risks. IAMKOKOA launched a multimedia company that includes a record label, TV/Film, and more. IAMKOKOA inked a global branding partnership with ,RADIOPUSHERS in 2022.

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