IAMQUEENBOOKLYN enters 2022 with zero distractions and music focused

IAMQUEENBOOKLYN enters 2022 with zero distractions and music focused - We Are Jersey
Photo Credit: Photo by Alex Simpson
Photo Credit: Photo by Alex Simpson

The beauty of chasing your dream

Dreaming is a luxury children cherish during their youth, and it creates visions that shape their future. Every child is born with a 'special' talent or ability to impact the world. During the discovery days of their youth, these moments are pivotal in pursuing greatness.

Growing up in the concrete jungle of New York challenges young people's mental fortitude and strength. New York is a different type of animal, and no other city compares to their culture.

Becoming successful in New York requires a high level of emotional intelligence, patience, street smarts, and discipline. Real New Yorkers understand what's needed to survive for the next 24 hours when the sun rises in New York.

IAMQUEENBROOKLYN is a musical prodigy

IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's musical prowess and natural-born ability are undeniable. I'm listening to her latest single, 'Moonlight' on my balcony overlooking Biscayne Bay, and her prolific voice compliments Miami's beautiful skyline. IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's vocals raise the bar in R&B music. Her ability to transform simple life lessons into alluring lyrics of aspiration is genius.

IAMQUEENBROOKLYN's strength of voice is unparalleled, considering she's fifteen years of age. Her natural singing ability and onstage charisma separate IAMQUEENBROOKLYN from everyone. Her latest single, 'MOONLIGHT,' is receiving critical acclaim from music executives. FM radio programmers and music enthusiasts worldwide. She is the future of R&B music.


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