Importance of Opinion

Importance of Opinion

Let me let you in on a little secret!!

I hope you're ready for it, because though not all, many people seem to misunderstand something about their partners. Okay are you still here? Wonderful, here goes...the secret (omitted or neglected key); your partner's opinion greatly matters!

Seeing that common sense isn't common, I know some may have just thought to themselves, "well that is pretty obvious isn't it?" It SHOULD be obvious, but unfortunately, it won't be to people who have yet to allow pride (rather conceit) to take a backseat in specific scenarios. If you find yourself making concerning purchases, speaking to questionably shifty people, entertaining ideas that could shatter your reality (with no dialogue with your partner), then YOU are the culprit. Oh yeah...I said it.

The amount of love you have for your partner displays itself, when it is time to make decisions that affect the home/relationship. After some time of not speaking to your partner, they will give you a side eye that will expand into a piercing gaze. That lack of consideration for their opinion will cause them to see you as an enemy, for appearing to devalue their intellectual capability. Some transfer those actions into self esteem concerns, and end up looking into mirrors only to break into fragments of themselves. Consider this: a man sees a living room set that would make his new home "cooler," and more modern. The woman sees a similar set, but with an added vintage touch. The man hears his partner speaking, but walks to the register to pay for the set HE selected in his mind. His partner's words are left fading into dust, as his wallet is pulled from his pocket, and his credit card taps the card reader. Annoyed and feeling disrespected, his partner watches as his facial expression changes to a smile (post purchase). He knows he got PRECISELY what he wanted, but what he doesn't know, is that he DEFINITELY doesn't want the cold shoulder, lack of intimacy, and short cut statements that he will receive for the next several months.

Why would you want to put yourself through so immeasurable torture? Who in their right mind would devalue the ideas & thoughts their significant other has, when they KNOW that it takes two to Tango? Random: I forgot how to Tango; it's time I revisit those lessons for memory's sake.

Here are a few keys to consider, when acknowledging your lack of considering your partner's input (I'm trying to save you from chaos here):

  1. Remember that your partner holds just as much weight in responsibilities as you do. I don't know who told you differently, but you both have a potent part to play in the maintenance of your world! You aren't the only one running the show here. It's a dual mission!!

  2. Do not forget that you BOTH need to be fully satisfied with the result of your choices! Ask questions, watch the facial expressions and body language, and ensure (or confirm) happiness when done. Resentment will begin to unpack its bags in your home, if your choices only satisfy one person in this romantic party.

  3. Speak to your partner in love. For the love of everything that is considered wise, WATCH HOW YOU TALK TO YOUR PARTNER!! No adult wants to find themselves being disrespected by another adult who claims to love them, while they feel as though they're being spoken to as a child.

  4. Listen just as much as you speak. Truly it isn't safe in the long run, to just yap and yap for several millennia, while your partner is blocked from speaking to you. You can easily lose your partner's love and trust, if their opportunities to speak aren't granted to them. Having to listen to you alone without the ability to speak, will make them see you in a different light; one that will surely impose a decision to break up at the point most convenient.

The opinionated man and woman exist, and the two must find agreement. In order for an agreement to be made, both parties must elaborate on a subject by expressing their thoughts audibly (or in written form). The opportunity to listen and speak is essential, but as things progress, the beauty of a romance that looks like magic will be displayed. The two hearts that are found intimately in tune in mind and body, will produce a world of love truly unseen by the common eye.

I love you all. Love each other better...let's ensure that love always wins. You know it does.

This has been a word from your favorite love writer,

Mr. Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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