Isiah Pacheco and Ji'Ayir Brown, the blueprint for New Jersey Athletes"

Isiah Pacheco and Ji'Ayir Brown, the blueprint for New Jersey Athletes

By : Juan Perez-Jones

The Super Bowl is always an eventful time as families set up food, drinks , and meaningful debates. The closest team to New Jersey is the Giants,Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though they did not play well in the playoffs, there was still a reason to support this historic event. And no, not the anticipated Usher halftime performance. Many reasons were to celebrate the success between two New Jersey natives that have faced off in Super Bowl 58. The Vineland Native, Isaiah Pacheco, former running back of Rutgers University Football program, was well known for putting up remarkable numbers in his four seasons with the Scarlet Knights. The second year running back for Kansas City Chiefs has made a name for himself after winning his first SuperBowl win per rookie season. In his college career, he produced 2,442 yards and 18 touchdowns on 563 carries. Let’s not forget the receiving side of 249 yards on 47 passes. There were many players that have earned the respect in the National football League coming out of the Big Ten Conference. The number is over 260 of players that were granted the opportunity to the league. The number and impact is important to make note of the difficulty for players to be granted an opportunity out of the conference is fairly low. Isiah Pacheco had an early slow start rookie season. But there was a shift from Pacheco once more opportunities opened up. Second half, Pacheco received high praise from other teams on speed and high knee form running that he is well known for. Turning ahead to the 2023 season, he received his second super bowl win in two seasons. That is an incredible career to start heading into the third season along one of the best quarterbacks in the league today, Patrick Moholmes. Now the question is whether to feel excited or nervous for the league as most of the key guys have a lot left in the tank. All in all, Isiah Pacheco is demonstrating to the younger generation that anything is possible as long as you stick to the script. 

As we are proud to support other New Jersey players in respective areas, one of the most inspiring stories is Rookie Safety Ji’Ayir Brown of the San Francisco 49ers. Brown grew up in Trenton, NJ and attended Trenton High School as well. There have been many professional sports athletes that have flourished out of Mercer County. Malachi Richardson and Myles Powell, who have played at the highest level in the NBA. But there has been pressure on Brown to pave the way for up and coming football athletes in the community, as there has never been a player from Trenton Central High School to make it to the pros. He played football and basketball at the high school level. Let’s just say, his support team helped him make the right decision. In his first two years at Lackawanna College, he was named JC Football Conference Defensive Player of the Year and was recruited by the Penn State Nittany Lions. It is rare to see a player jump from Junior College and exceed past expectations to become a starter. The former safety was just heating up as he was named the 2023 Rose Bowl Defensive Player of the Game during his senior season.  As we proceed to view draft night for Brown, the Niners were determined to find a defensive gem that will help their powerhouse and take it to the next level. After being drafted, Brown was put in a challenging situation like his first year at Penn State. As the season transpired, the Niners knew that they would have to make changes. The Niners went on to prove to the NFC that they were the juggernauts of this conference. Brown made sure to seize his opportunity as he made a play that would be remembered in Super Bowl History. As the second half started, Pat Maholmes threw a pass headed to the intended receiver and Brown intercepted the ball.

That was a monumental moment for him and the city followed him along the journey.

That was a monumental moment for him and the city followed him along the journey.

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