Lady London Is Coming Real Lady Like In NYC

Lady London Is Coming Real Lady Like In NYC - We Are Jersey

On a date... Kinda nervous...

For the first time ever, the Aristotle of Bravado herself, Lady London will be taking the stage for a special one night only live performance in NYC! In fact, the trailblazing talent is gearing up to make her live debut Saturday, February 19th, at the legendary SOB's (Sounds Of Brazil) New York City.


Additionally, rising rhymers Dub Aura and Makaela are also on the bill hosted by Hot 97’s MiaBelle. Lady London will be delivering a 'One Night Only' live performance of her new music. Her set will include songs from her hit project, Lady Like: The Boss Tape. When asked what can fans expect, the NJ-native went in to say:

The night's going to be eclectic…. I’m hoping I can connect with my audience on a different level where they can know me ... in a more intimate setting. I’m excited to debut my first stage show.”
Lady London

Recently London released Lady Like: The Boss Tape, which is laced with 13 of her well-known freestyles. In addition to her hit single "Lisa's Story," featuring Dub Aura, which has accumulated over half a million views on YouTube and counting!

London's old-school flow and cinematic delivery are resonating with fans and the industry. Since stepping on the scene, Lady has received co-signs from Cardi B and Diddy. Alongside her viral appearances on Sway in the Morning, Hot 97, Power 99, and more who have dubbed Lady London the latest striving star.

The Aristotle Of Bravado Is Bringing It Back To The Basics

Although she’s currently based out of Los Angeles, London is taking her talents back home. Growing up, she lived in the Bronx and East Orange, NJ so it’s only right to bring it back to the basics. For now, press play on the album and get familiar.


Ultimately, you’ll fall in love with Lady London too.

When you listen to me, I want you to feel comfortable in yourself… empowered more than anything...” she leaves off.
“We’re all the same. We all have things we battle, daily, but everyone excels at something. Therefore, every person is a boss in his or her own way. And you control the narrative around your own life. I want to be proof of that. Music is the closest thing to religion without the systemic element. It’s a spiritual encounter. It shifts our movements; it governs our temperament. And, if nothing more, I hope to transcend a generation with what I create and leave a legacy behind.”

If those lyrically poetic words don’t entice you to go cop them tickets — outside of her music alone, I don’t know what else will! Do yourself the favor and give yourself an experience of a lifetime. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS! Lastly, be sure to take a look at the show details below.

WHEN: Saturday, February 19
M&G: 6PM
Door Open: 7PM
Show Start: 8PM
Show Wrap: 10PM
Sounds Of Brazil, SOB’s
204 Varick Street, New York, NY 10014

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