Loneliness Doesn't Knock

Loneliness Doesn't Knock - We Are Jersey

The Savage Truth 

Singles...this one's for us! Beautiful afternoon by the way; this gentleman doesn't tolerate a lack of manners. Good day to each and every one of you. Quite a number of days pass when we are good, chillin, and in grind mode. Typically, nothing can derail us in a day when we're focused, but oooooohhhh when that loneliness shows up...it's another kind of monster. I have recently spoken to people who genuinely do not get lonely, and that is incredible. I.......am not one of those people. 

We have to prepare ourselves for when these lonely feelings show up, and definitely remember that they're typically temporary. A lot of times we desire our romantic partners, and have incorrect assumptions about our value, based upon the absence of someone who wants to love us in a romantic lane. The absence of a significant other allows us time to grow! It's a bit more challenging to work towards our growth, while having to expend energy to build and love another being simultaneously. 

In lonely times we have to keep the mind focused, and remember some key points: 

  1. Being grounded in ourselves makes room for another to experience us. When we know who we are, what we like, how our experiences shaped us, and have clarity in thought, we can open so many doors to various, incomprehensible possibilities. Love can be fruitful, abundant, and vital, but we have to understand self before we share ourselves. It's dangerous to not have an idea of what you will gift to another.
  2. The more we work on our character, the better. It isn't wise to see yourself as an adult, and believe that you are now free to do whatever you see fit. In regards to characteristics, traits, and values, there should be a revision of your inner being & spirit. The better you are in that space, the more suitable you become for another person to properly love you (without chaos being distributed to an innocent, and intentionally giving heart).
  3. Redirecting your thoughts must be intentional. If you think those feelings will just go away soon enough...you're right. However, as I speak on Beyonce's internet, I am going to warn you...letting loneliness run its course comes with some emotional warfare. Intentional removal of the thoughts that come is the safer option; memories like to replay themselves, and the absence of intimacy can be catastrophic to some.
  4. You are not alone in this fight. Someone else knows precisely what you're enduring. They very much hate it as much as you do, and are praying to get out of this season. Shoot, I am one of those people, unquestionably! Find people who could use some form of company, and make time to get together and do something active, fun, or constructive. It will help keep the edge of romantic lack to a smaller measure.

We all do not have the answers we seek.

If there are simpler tools to eradicate loneliness, I will find them. If you know them, let a brother know!

Harness the divinity in you to level your confidence & pride up! Expect your romantic partner to be en route, and confidently take the time to improve on you. The difference in how you see loneliness will not only be evident, but may very well shock you.

The person who will love you is on the way. Until then...speak to your divine council (if you believe), and keep growing.

Know that I love you...truly I do!!

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