Love Etched into 24 Hours

Love Etched into 24 Hours - We Are Jersey

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!! This is America's appointed day to celebrate love, and to show appreciation for your romantic partner. Isn't it grand? Do you feel all warm and bubbly inside? I bet someone's torso feels like a shaken up can of Sprite right now. Whether or not you celebrate V-Day (or Love Day) is your preference, but show someone you love them anyway. Do you have any specific reasons not too? 

For all of you taken folk, what's the joy of today gonna look like? Do you have something mysterious & unexpected planned, so that the reaction can be found painted on your partner's face? What do you intend to do? Whatever it is, do it with intent and great effort! Don't be weak in any aspect of your gifts/giving today! Please...too many people already screwed up by thinking that today is gonna make up for the hell they promote throughout the entire year. Honestly, that's hilarious to consider a sensible idea. Amidst the pathetic excuses for romantic apologies that will go out today, there are things to consider on Valentine's Day. Bring your mind to specific understandings about its details. 

1)Not having a valentine doesn't denote your value.

2)You should be romantically spontaneous & creative, and not dependent on one day!!! 

3)Your partner will see how much they're worth to you, based upon your romantic consistency (only being romantic one day...says quite a bit). 

4)Though you may not necessarily celebrate Valentine's Day, it doesn't hurt to have a beautiful date with your partner still. 

I know a number of singles who do not care, and that's alright. There are also singles who crave love, and that's okay (I'm one of them). Your worth isn't in a partner!! IT IS NOT HELL to be without love in this season. You simply need to utilize the time for growth & evolution, psychological enhancement and intellectual expansion, financial upheaval, and total security within your own identity. This life doesn't give us the pleasure of ease in romance; human beings in general are too selfish for ease in finding a valuable, worthy partner. How much does not celebrating Valentine's Day affect you? Does it hurt you if your partner doesn't celebrate it? Does it bother you if they do? Have these truths been communicated to your partner, and been granted an acceptable solution?

 Is your love like a cup of water, or is it more like an ocean? Do you gobble up your water cup, and then put the cup in the sink to wash it, or do you jump in an excessively large, nourishing, and abundant body of water? One is gone once the cup is empty, and nourishes for a period of time. The other you can swim in for as long as you can hold your breath. 

Find your spot today: if you're single, get around other single friends and have fun! Daydream, laugh, play and listen to music, grab some board games, and fill the atmosphere with more joy than your body can handle. Kind of speaking to myself here too when I say, remember the importance of not allowing past memories to consume you. Those memories usually put you somewhere emotionally that hurts more to visit than to avoid. 

Embrace the magic: if you're spoken for (happily), don't take that for granted. There are people willing to take your spot faster than coworkers, who find out you might be up for a promotion soon. Rekindle the spark that seems to be flickering at times. Hold your partner at random...tightly . Affirm them as needed and randomly throughout the days ahead. What do you have to lose? All you'll do is give a smile. 

This day was made for love (like every other day)! Keep that in mind as your heart beats for you, and seeks to give to others. For those of you who are sad, down, or depressed, know that I see you. As we snuggle with patience & hold the hand of our dreams, breathe easily & fight to reprogram your thoughts. The day for us to find love is coming! 

Happy Valentine's Day!! 

Until we meet again, this has been a word of love from Mr.Wright. Blessings!

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