Nakkia Gold: The Industry's Best Kept Secret No Longer Lives A "Low Profile"

Nakkia Gold: The Industry's Best Kept Secret No Longer Lives A
Allow me to introduce to you the living out loud multifaceted musician, Nakkia Gold. This talented triple threat serves as a rapidly rising singer-songwriter and performer who not only pushes the culture forward musically, but is also an advocate for her community. Destined for greatness, Nakkia grew up with a natural talent for dancing, acting and performing. Raised by a single mother in South Central Los Angeles, NG faced many challenges as a child, including homelessness and numerous setbacks in her career. Because of this, her music is made up of emotional sounds and rich melodic textures rooted in R&B and Hip Hop with a contemporary feel. Her artistry is inspired by her core belief that "music is supposed to tell a story."

When pressing play on her music, fans receive a warm welcome into her realm of modern hip-hop-infused with rich, reminiscent R&B elements. As a result, the LGBTQ singer's soulful and apprehending vocal ability and musicality has led her to become Saban Music Group's FIRST hip hop and R&B artist to be signed to their roster. When listening to Nakkia Gold, you hear her creatively combine multicultural and genre-fluid music. In doing so, she creates a tapestry of emotions through her buttery vocals effortlessly paired with laid-back yet high-energy beats. In April 2021, she launched her career with a trendy three-track EP that included the songs "Yea Yea", "Real", and its self-titled single, "3 Rounds”.

Nakkia Gold has emerged as Los Angeles' most promising LGTBTQ+ artist to arrive on the scene following the success of her catchy "Sober” collaboration with Jermih. In fact, Nakkia is best known for her 2021 breakout banger and chart-topping single, "Justice (Get Up, Stand Up)" featuring Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and The Wailers. During the aftermath of the pandemic, "Justice (Get Up, Stand Up)" emoted communities and sparked several call-to-action initiatives in the fight for social, human, and equality rights. The record received such great feedback, that it was used as part of the National Urban League’s 21 Pillars for Redefining Public Safety and Restoring Community Trust. With over 3.9 million views and counting on YouTube, this leading LGBTQ artist is backed by Bob Marley's daughter Cedella Marley and music mogul Haim Saban.

Her illustrious musical catalog includes the reimagining of Bob Marley's iconic song "JUSTICE (Get Up, Stand Up)" ft. Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and The Wailers; in addition to "Trap Santa" featuring DDG.

Nakkia Gold Brings The “Energy” Tapping Pink $weats

Keeping up the momentum, Saban Music Group (SMG)’s First Lady, Nakkia Gold unleashes a vibe with "Energy" featuring Pink Sweat$. The promising West Philly native, tapped in with the LGBTQ+ artist from South Los Angeles to deliver their vocal chemistry to true R&B fans. During a time where R&B is being questioned to be alive… These two talents team up to revive the genre!

The catchy yet creative collaboration for “Energy” was produced by multi-Grammy Award-winning collective —1500 or Nothin'. Their latest offering serves as a heartfelt single about holding on to what is true while letting go of the past. When Nakkia Gold's fluidity meets Pink Sweat$' soul-stirring voice, her expanded musical talents and lyrical confidence are recognized. The vocal abilities of the duo perfectly align as they reflect on self-preservation, setting boundaries, and protecting your energy at all costs.

The Inspiration…

"Energy is a song about freeing yourself from toxic situations and being in control of yourself…Both Pink and I have experienced negative energy, which can be from a lover, a friend, or even family." Throughout her trailblazing career, has previously collaborated with the Hip Hop Caucus and Rainbow Push Coalition. As well as the National Black Child Development Institute, National Urban League, and Social Justice Learning Institute, amongst many others on a variety of grassroots initiatives! In fact, as a part of the National Black Child Institute's Development Week, she performed “Justice (Get Up, Stand Up)”. She also showcased the sizzling single on ,Good Morning America and performed at the Social Justice Learning Institute’s Justice Festival on July 17, 2021. NG looks forward to continuously building with the brands through the praised partnerships with organizations including Hip-Hop Caucus, National Black Child Development Institute, the ACLU & National Urban League to name a few.

Last year Nakkia remained booked and busy. She shut down the stage at the World Peace Music Festival on August 13, 2021 to headlining the virtual For Goodness Sake music festival on August 21, 2021. Following up a busy week, Nakkia performed and served as a panelist at the Rainbow Push Coalition’s Annual Creating Opportunities Conference led by Rev. Jesse Jackson in October 2021. Recently, she returned to rock the runway with her performance at Lumiere in April 2022 for LA Fashion Week.

Nakkia Gold Keeps A “Low Profile” On New Trendy Track

This lyrical crooner returns with her most recent release, “Low Profile”. To no surprise, Nakkia delivers her unmatched bars on her latest drop. The raving record features her signature sound paired with a production that’ll have you playing it on repeat! Gold is known for putting out memorable music including inspirational hits and once again she ate and left no crumbs! Nakkia shakes things up a bit on the new standout single as she tells listeners to put some respect on independent women worldwide. Don’t believe me? Press play below.

Staying true to her South Los Angeles roots, the South LA songstress-lyricist went from being homeless to creating chart topping hits! Utilizing her honed talents and craft, she’s on a mission to impact the masses through her monumental music. For instance, she wants the message within her music to connect and heal her audience worldwide. She influences fans with bold, powerful, and positive messaging.

Nakkia Gold has gone from homelessness to becoming Saban Music Group's FIRST signed Hip Hop and R&B artist. Setting the stage for all the greatness produced by SMG moving forward. Overall, Nakkia Gold’s music honors the revolutionary Black women who are shaping today's music culture. Furthermore, she is currently working on her highly anticipated album and is gearing up to release new music before 2022 wraps. Currently, Nakkia Gold's music has over 500K monthly listeners on Spotify, nearly 5 million views on YouTube. Before it’s too late, tap in with this trailblazing talent and go run up the streams to find out why Nakkia Gold is the industry’s best kept secret. For now, keep reading to get more familiar with Nakkia Gold as we had the dopest opportunity to chop it up with her! Lastly, let us know what you think here at We Are Jersey Magazine.


  • Hey Nakkia! Thank you so much for taking the time to chop it up with me on behalf of We Are Jersey Magazine! Before we jump into all things Nakkia Gold, Saban Music Group, the state of music, your artistry and more ; Please give fans new and old a little backstory of who Nakkia Gold is and where it all began!

I was born and raised in South Los Angeles to a hard-working single mother. I grew up in church, which is where I found my passion for music. From there, I pursued a career in performance art and started writing my own songs.

As I consistently made music, I eventually caught the attention of mega music executive Haim Saban. He discovered my voice via a zoom video call. I was offered a deal on the spot and became the first Hip-Hop and R&B artist signed to Saban Music Group. The day I signed with the label was the day that marketed the anniversary of my mother’s passing.

Welcome To The World Of Nakkia Gold

  • What’s your creative process like? How do you put pen to paper?

My creative process is authentic. I speak from the heart and let the words come from the moment it crosses my mind. I try not to overthink too much and just do it. Consistently creating timeless music, how do you remain so inspired and creative? Music helped me to overcome poverty, hurdles, and hard times. I know it can do that for others. I stay inspired by people, the lives I touch through music, and all that is happening around us. I make songs to heal people. I can't imagine a world without music.

  • As a multifaceted musician who’s a singer-songwriter and producer, who or what would you credit your musical sound and style to?

I would credit the church I grew up in, the Los Angeles Hip-Hop scene, and the amazing artists that came before me.

  • Being so versatile and able to switch from R&B to Hip-Hop and even merge the two genres, which genre would you say you personally favor more and why?

R&B! I love the emotions you can put into the music through harmonies and melodies. It's also just more vibey overall. I'm all about the vibes and connecting with people. R&B music gives me an opportunity to express myself in a real, authentic way.

Living Out Loud

  • Apart of the community myself, I love to see a Melanated woman who’s a part of the LGBTQ community succeeding in this industry and thriving in a world where society already tries to put so many “odds” against us. What’s the tea for the youth? So that they don’t let society and the ideals of the world change who they are as an individual and as an artist.

The real TEA is always to encourage the youth to be themselves and don't allow someone's opinion to determine who they are. The truth is, people will always have their own views, but it's up to us to decide whether or not we will let that affect us. At the end of the day, be yourself!

  • How do you feel your celebration of queerness has influenced you personally and musically?

Celebrating queerness in my music has allowed me to be free and live up to the real version of myself. I’m not afraid to speak out and I’m not afraid of what other people may think. I’m a proud black gay woman.

By being free, I’m able to inspire and motivate others to do the same.

  • Piggy backing off the previous question, how do you feel about the state of R&B and Hip-Hop and how these genres view and/or support LGBTQ artists.

I feel like there’s synergy in allowing more LGBTQ+ artists like myself in the R&B / Hip Hop culture, especially in today’s forever changing landscape. There has been a lack of support of the LGBTQ+ community for so long, which is why it’s important for me to change the overall narrative and ensure more equality in the music industry overall.

  • With you being a huge advocate for the community, tell us about your favorite LGBTQ+ film, TV series, book, play, music, artwork, or person – something that has really resonated with you over the years and why?

Queen Latifah has been a significant influence since I was a child! Watching her act and pursue her music was everything I wanted to do as a kid. I used to pretend I was her in the movie "Set it Off!"

Saban Music Group's First Lady

  • As a fan who’s been following your journey and relating to your records, the majority of your music that you make is reminiscent of your reality. With that being said, do you think it is important to tell these kinds of stories in music so that others who endure the same difficulties know that they are not alone?

Yes, my music is all about storytelling. I like to touch on topics about overcoming obstacles, self-preservation, finding your inner confidence to move on, and so much more in a positive and bold way. It’s important to remember that you are not alone because life is not perfect.

  • From being homeless to hitting the hottest stages, signing with Saban Music Group, and more. When was the moment it all became real for you?

Everything became real when I signed the contract. I was in situations where it was all talk and no actions for a while with other companies. Saban Music Group didn't hesitate and instantly believed in me, which meant a lot!

  • Earlier in your career you became well recognized for one of your breakout bangers - the remake of Bob Marley's iconic song, "Get up, Stand up”. Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind the record?

What inspired this record was everything Bob Marley stood for: peace, love, and justice. This message deserves to live on forever, and I am beyond honored to help facilitate that. Upon signing with SMG, they kept my vocals on the Bob Marley track and wanted me to put the record out. The song was sent to Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella Marley. She instantly co-signed and gave her blessings for me to use her father’s iconic lyrics. It was then when I fully understood what I was meant to do.

  • As the creator yourself returning with your most recent release “Low Profile” how would you say your new trendy track differs from your staple single “Get Up, Stand Up”.

It's an introduction to who I am. No features, just me and my messages. It's also more R&B, which I resonate with these days.

  • Some may not know but you're in fact the FIRST R&B and Hip-Hop Artist signed to Saban Music Group. Please elaborate on what that experience was like when you first inked the deal.

This experience was life-changing and altering! Everything happened so fast, and all hands were on deck. I am very grateful for the experience.

What's Next?

  • As we wrap up — eager to hear more, what’s next for Nakkia Gold?

Expect an entire album of vibes from me soon. I am excited for what's to come and to show my fans and new audience a new side of Nakkia Gold while remaining true to some of the foundations. I also have a few songs dropping between now and the end of the year. Tap in!

  • Next, what do you hope that the public and listeners take away from your music and this interview?

Yes, of course. I hope they got to know me a little more and that I can inspire them to live up to their true potential.

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans?

Never take no for an answer when it comes to self-development and music. Remember, failure is the best teacher.

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