Navigating the Fashion Industry: Student's Successes and Setbacks

Navigating the Fashion Industry: Student's Successes and Setbacks

“My experiences [in the fashion industry] have been both positive and negative," says twenty-year-old fashion student Maharani Anigacz.

Anigacz has been modeling since the summer of 2021 and has progressed in the industry ever since. Working with numerous photographers, she has been able to fully branch out of her comfort zone, gain confidence, and build her portfolio for other opportunities in the fashion world.

Source: Maharani Anigacz

"The first ever fashion show that I attended, Kevin Shahroozi's [in addition to attending] fashion school, jump-started my love for fashion and modeling," she says. Being in a setting where fashion surrounds her spiked her interest and inspired her to model.

In her earlier modeling days, Anigacz needed constant assistance with posing and facial expressions, but as she progressed in the industry, she developed a better understanding of what poses and facial expressions work best with her structure. She has also branched out and is now working with costume designers, makeup artists, wardrobes, and themed shoots, which she was not doing previously. She feels she is now working with those who have the same creative outlook as she does.

While Anigacz has had successes in the modeling industry, she has also had setbacks. There were times when she had to step outside of her comfort zone and interact with others, which was a struggle for her at first. However, she was able to overcome this fear and has now gained confidence.

Source: Maharani Anigacz

 If you are interested in modeling, Anigacz suggests attending fashion shows and collaboration events. This is where you will network and make connections while improving your portfolio.

"Each shoot I've done has led me to meet more people and gain more opportunities in my career-based future," she says.

For the most part, Anigacz's photoshoots were comfortable and successful. However, she has had her fair share of poor experiences when modeling. There were times when she did not feel as comfortable as she typically would during shoots and was encouraged to wear a wardrobe that was not in her best interest.

The more Anigacz modeled, the more opportunities she gained. Fashion Week is the most glamorous time for anyone interested in the fashion industry. As a fashion student, Anigacz attended her first-ever fashion show in September 2021. Once the show ended, she made an effort to speak to the designer himself, Kevin Shahroozi. He then reached out to her when it was time for casting calls and offered her a spot in the February 2022 show, which would be her first time walking in fashion week.

What Anigacz admires the most in the fashion industry is a finished garment and appreciation of the work on a runway, so being a part of Fashion Week was a huge accomplishment for her.

Anigacz' wore a blue silk jacket over a black top paired with a beige skirt and black heels.

Source: Maharani Anigacz

Anigacz's hard work and dedication have brought her to where she is today. These experiences will stick with her forever as she continues to progress in the fashion industry.

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