NCAA Basketball Kick Off: Who Will Rise to the Challenge, and Who Will Falter?

NCAA Basketball Kick Off: Who Will Rise to the Challenge, and Who Will Falter?
Sports fans have been understandably enthralled by everything the NFL and NCAA Football seasons has offered them thus far, and they still have plenty of football to look forward to in the coming weeks. With that being said though, the fun is just getting started for basketball fans as the NBA season began just over a month ago and is already showing signs that said fans may be surprised about how things look once playoffs roll around. Arguably one of the most exciting things about the beginning of any NBA season though is the opportunity to see the myriad oof talented young men who take the court as rookies every year and admire their tenacity in working to leave their mark upon basketball history, honing the skills they have spent their entire lives harnessing. Some of these young men are so talented however that fans simply can’t wait that long to see them take the court, and if you’re one of those fans you’re in luck as the 2022 NCAA Basketball season officially commenced this week with a packed schedule that should keep you busy all week.

The NCAA Basketball season just began this past Monday but over 100 Division 1 games have been played as of this article, highlighting just how much college basketball has to offer. One can only begin to imagine how much more exciting things will be once heavyweight programs begin to square off, and when that happens all bets are off. As of right now the AP Top 25 ranked teams are standing tall having all won their respective first games, but that is almost expected; but does a school like 24th ranked Daytona Flyers have what it takes to compete with a top five programs such as Gonzaga or Kentucky? Also consider any unranked teams sitting on the bubble, very talented basketball programs such as Miami and Purdue, who are especially eager to defy the rankings completely as many manage to do every season after pulling off massive upsets. If you’re primarily interested in the talent though,you can get excited to watch players like Gonzaga senior Drew Timme as he looks to dominate in his final year of college basketball, or touted Baylor freshman Keyonte George who posted 13 points, six rebounds and seven assists in his college basketball debut. The options are bountiful when it comes to NCAA Basketball, and there are still plenty of games left for fans to soak it all in.

College basketball tends to hold a special place in the hearts of basketball fans, whether it be because of the passion the players play with, the atmosphere, or any one of the countless other things that make it unique. March Madness has become something of a tradition at this point as even the most indifferent of sports viewers will fill out a bracket and tune into to watch it unravel after upsets ensue as they always do. While many of these young men will end up leaving their impact at some point in their respective journey’s, NCAA Basketball allows them to make their presence felt on what has become a national stage. Only just a few days into the season as of this article, there is still plenty of NCAA Basketball left to be played this week and fans might want to clear their schedules in preparation for an enthralling college basketball season.

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