New Bill Protects NJ students from a dramatic tuition increase

New Bill Protects NJ students from a dramatic tuition increase

New Jersey bill limits college tuition increase to only 2% making college affordable and protecting students from dreamatic tuition increases.

On June 13th, 2024, Assemblyman Cody D. Miller, Assemblywomen Margie M. Donlon, and Shanique Speight introduced Bill A4538, which would cap tuition increases at public colleges and universities to 2% over the prior academic year. This was done as a response to students and families concerned about the affordability and accessibility of higher education.

In the prior year, Rutgers State University increased tuition by 6-7 percent, including a rise in housing costs and meal plans. According to the governor, these increases were caused by university cost increases such as salaries, utilities and commodities, and employee benefits.

“Students attend institutions of higher education to invest in themselves and their futures. For many students and their families, financial considerations drive the choice of attending public colleges and universities. Unexpected tuition increases unfairly burden undergraduates and may prevent them from taking advantage of all the resources our institutions have to offer,” said Assemblywoman Margie Donlon (D-Monmouth). “Students should be able to pursue their degrees without the constant fear of affordability. I am proud to sponsor A4538, along with Assemblyman Miller, to ensure that tuition hikes remain manageable, allowing students to focus on their educational goals and future success.”

“Bill A4538 is vital for maintaining the affordability of higher education in New Jersey by limiting tuition increases,” said Assemblywoman Shanique Speight (D-Essex, Hudson). “This legislation allows students to concentrate on their studies and drive innovation, free from the worry of escalating expenses, ensuring a more inclusive and promising future for all.”

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