New Jersey Rapper Tame One passes at 52

New Jersey Rapper Tame One passes at 52
It is with a heavy heart that we report the death of Tame One, New Jersey rapper and member of the hip-hop group Artifacts. He was 52.

Tame One (whose real name was Anthony Jamal Harrison) was known for his witty lyrics and sharp delivery. He first gained recognition as a member of Artifacts, who were signed to EMI Records in the early 1990s. The group's debut album, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, was released in 1994 to critical acclaim. Tame One went on to release several solo albums, including When Rappers Attack (1998) and Danger Zone (2007).

Tame One's death was announced by his representatives on social media. No cause of death has been given at this time.

Our thoughts are with Tame One's family and friends during this difficult time.

Nowadays, it seems like we are constantly being bombarded with news of celebrities dying. It's easy to become jaded and immune to the deaths of people we've never even met. But every now and then, someone comes along whose death hits us like a ton of bricks. For New Jersey, that person is Tame One.

Growing up in New Jersey in the 1990s, and Tame One was one of many favorite rappers mentioned when asked at that time. We can remember vividly buying Artifacts' debut album, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, on cassette tape (yes, we're that old) and being blown away by Tame One's lyrical prowess. His wit and sharp delivery set him apart from other rappers of the time; he was truly in a league of his own. Tame One's death came as a shock. He was only 52 years old. We can't help but wonder what could have been had he not died so young. Would he have continued to drop solo albums? Would he have reunited with Artifacts for another album? We'll never know.

Tame One was an incredibly talented rapper whose loss will be felt by many. He will be dearly missed.

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