Newark Women Moving Forward: A Financial Empowerment Revolution

Newark Women Moving Forward: A Financial Empowerment Revolution

In a powerful move towards financial empowerment, Mrs. Linda J. Baraka, the dynamic First Lady of Newark, is spearheading the "Newark Women Moving Forward" campaign. This transformative initiative, in collaboration with the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement, is set to impact up to 1,000 women in the City of Newark, offering a sustainable financial education program that promises to empower participants to take control of their finances.

Empowering Newark Women with Financial Freedom


The driving force behind this initiative is Mrs. Linda J. Baraka, whose passion for community development and empowerment has inspired the launch of this groundbreaking campaign. As a dynamic First Lady, Mrs. Baraka is committed to fostering positive change and empowering women in Newark to achieve financial independence.

Partnership with dfree® Financial Freedom Movement:

In a strategic partnership with the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement, the campaign leverages the expertise and resources of this renowned organization to deliver a comprehensive financial education program. The dfree® movement is dedicated to helping individuals achieve financial freedom through education and empowerment.

How the Campaign Works

12-Week Financial Education Program:

Participants in the Newark Women Moving Forward campaign will have the opportunity to enroll in a 12-week financial education program. This program can be undertaken either through instructor-led classes or as a self-paced course through the dfree® Online Academy.

dfree® 12 Steps to Financial Freedom:

The core curriculum of the campaign is based on the dfree® 12 Steps to Financial Freedom course. Participants will receive books, resources, and the necessary support to successfully complete the program. The course is designed to equip women with the knowledge and skills to pay off debt, grow savings, and access various financial services and opportunities.

Who Can Participate and Partner


The campaign is open to all women residing in Newark who are 18 years and older. Registration for the program is free, providing an inclusive opportunity for women from diverse backgrounds to embark on their journey to financial empowerment.


Churches, schools, and organizations in Newark are encouraged to partner with the campaign to enroll women in the program. By joining forces, these institutions can play a pivotal role in empowering women within their communities and contributing to the overall success of the Newark Women Moving Forward initiative.


The Newark Women Moving Forward campaign is not just an initiative; it's a financial empowerment revolution led by Mrs. Linda J. Baraka and powered by the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement. As we witness women in Newark gaining the tools and knowledge to achieve financial freedom, we anticipate a positive ripple effect that will strengthen families, communities, and the city at large. Together, let's embrace this opportunity for growth, education, and empowerment, ensuring that every woman in Newark can move forward towards a financially secure future.

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