Quis Chandla: New Jersey's Leading Lyricist

Quis Chandla: New Jersey's Leading Lyricist

Really getting the hood jumping, rising rhymer Quis Chandla arrives with an accompanying visual for his trendy track titled, “Mission #1”. In fact, the Michelle Jackson/Quis Chandla-directed music video paints the perfect picture and breathes new life into the already hot new hit. Just as his single speaks volumes, so do the visuals. The Jersey-native puts the city on his back with his brand new banger. In doing so, he brings the dirty Jerz out to show love and support to all of those who have shown support throughout his creatively climbing career.

The TrueNLivin founder is seen switching scenes posted up in the hood bodega, breaking bread with his homies, all while putting on for his city. With no lies detected, the striving star mentions the money he’s made off of his “Get the streets flooded” and “Get the hood jumpin’” merch in which we see the stans and all of Jersey sporting his attire! Maintaining the momentum of “Mission #1”, Quis sticks to his storytelling skill set not only verbally but vividly. The Al Pacino-themed scene of him solidifying the deal highlights his mob-mentality when it comes to the money and the music.

Quis Chandla has reached the summit of self-realization, meeting the most hierarchical requirements. He's not only soul searching and rhyming actual rap wisdom, but he's dedicated his mic to changing the streets. This is because true fulfillment comes from serving others rather than gaining fame and notoriety. Throughout his trailblazing career, he explores the entire spectrum of hip hop lyricism, from sophisticated, multi-syllabic rhymes to socially conscious musings. Early in his recording career, he developed his formula and has remained with it.

Overall, the thought-provoking spitter has hit a new level of stardom with his lyricism and album-crafting. Remaining a force to be reckoned with, Quis Chandla has firmly established himself as one of the top rappers to watch in the game right now. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering “Mission #1” produced by the one and only, The HitSystem here at We Are Jersey Magazine.




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