Shakur Stevenson: A Rising Star's Journey to Boxing Greatness

Shakur Stevenson: A Rising Star's Journey to Boxing Greatness

In our latest interview, Jonathan Casillas from "We Are Jersey Sports" sits down with Shakur Stevenson, the talented young boxer hailing from Newark, New Jersey. This conversation delves into Shakur's rise to stardom and his views on some of the boxing world's biggest stories.

A Humble Beginning

Shakur's journey to boxing greatness began at an early age. As a three-sport athlete involved in football, basketball, and track, he exhibited natural athleticism. But it was a moment in a high-stakes football game that sparked his passion for boxing. He realized that boxing was a sport where the outcome depended solely on an individual's performance, and he was drawn to the idea of having full control over his destiny. This epiphany led him back to the boxing gym.

Chasing Greatness

Shakur's dedication to the sport is evident in his journey. Having started boxing at a young age, he understood that it was a path he wanted to pursue wholeheartedly. He trained tirelessly, refining his skills, and embracing the sport's challenges. Shakur highlights the importance of boxing as a metaphor for life itself, where you must face adversity head-on and strive for personal growth.

Achieving Olympic Glory

Shakur's boxing journey reached new heights when he secured a silver medal in the Olympics. This accomplishment was a testament to his dedication and innate talent. It was a moment that not only marked his ascent as a star in the making but also solidified his commitment to the sport.

Breaking Down Pound-for-Pound Rankings

The conversation then shifts to pound-for-pound rankings, a hot topic in the boxing world. Shakur shares his take on who he believes should be at the top. While he recognizes the brilliance of Terence Crawford and his number one pound-for-pound status, he also mentions a few other notable fighters in his rankings.

  1. Terence Crawford: Shakur acknowledges Crawford's undeniable dominance in the sport, praising his impeccable boxing skills and ring control.

  2. Inoue Naoya: Shakur ranks the "Monster" high due to his accomplishments, despite competing in a smaller weight class. He appreciates Inoue's pursuit of greatness by moving up in weight.

  3. Tyson Fury: Fury's incredible boxing skills and his trilogy with Deontay Wilder earn him a spot in Shakur's top five.

  4. Canelo Alvarez: Shakur admires Canelo's willingness to challenge himself by moving up in weight classes and taking on tough opponents.

  5. Errol Spence: Shakur doesn't discount Spence's ability despite his recent loss, recognizing that he faced the best fighter in the world and demonstrating resilience.

Shakur Stevenson - A Force to be Reckoned With

As the interview comes to a close, it's evident that Shakur Stevenson is not just a rising star in boxing; he's a true student of the sport. His commitment to excellence, respect for his peers, and thoughtful insights into the boxing world make him an exciting athlete to watch. Shakur Stevenson is undoubtedly on a path to greatness, and we can't wait to see where his journey takes him next. Be sure to order your copy of the Summer/Fall Issue of WAJ Magazine featuring Shakur Stevenson available now!

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