ST-RAY defies conventional logic and pursues the unimaginable in Hip-Hop

ST-RAY defies conventional logic and pursues the unimaginable in Hip-Hop - We Are Jersey

Fear is a liar

Fear is the biggest invisible bully ever known to mankind. Fear is a psychological bridge between a person's dreams and their destiny. People quit before they begin their race of fate due to the uncontrollable dynamic of fear. Even during slavery, millions of slaves wouldn't revolt against their masters, even though living was worse than being dead. A fearless black woman named "Harriet Tubman" defied all odds and freed over 400,000 slaves. Harriet Tubman couldn't read and had a sleeping disorder. Her journey was guided by God and the "North Star". Fear's biggest enemy is faith.

The fearless life and times of ST-RAY ,

ST-RAY life's story is not for the weak or faint of heart. ST-RAY's journey includes every imaginable obstacle known to mankind. Poverty, street violence, racial bias, police brutality, social injustice, hood love, and Hip-Hop. ST-RAY's mother birthed a generational leader and aspirational figure in Hip-Hop. Listening to ST-RAY's rap lyrics, you immediately hear his genius and purpose on this earth. ST-RAY's musical content illuminates distinctive images of people's fear, joy, desires, dreams, and limits. ST-RAY's music embodies the soul of Hip-Hop. ST-RAY electrifies people's imagination and challenges their most profound insecurities. Pursuing the unimaginable is normal for ST-RAY.

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