Summer Siesta II: Infused Food, Mimosas & Vibes

Summer Siesta II: Infused Food, Mimosas & Vibes - We Are Jersey

The Canna Club hosted their Summer Siesta II event on Sunday, June 26th, and it was nothing short of amazing! The event was a three-course brunch that was infused with cannabis. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy bottomless mimosas and delicious gelato, courtesy of The Infused Boil. The party took place outdoors, and the beautiful decor created a festive atmosphere. Special guests in attendance included Black Ink's Puma and Quani, Music Artists Toushai and Trey Budden, owner of WAJ Magazine Bee Papino, and Method Man's daughter and son, Chey and Sha Smith. 

Summer Siesta II is meant to celebrate life, indulge in delicious food, and get lost in the sauce with DJs OG Roddy and Wavy Geez on the 1's & 2's. Chef Raven and her staff didn't miss a beat in the kitchen as they tackled all the orders. The serving crew ensured that the guests had an experience they won't forget with co-founder Germise greeting everyone with a smile at the door. 

Chef Raven emphasized the motivation behind The Infused Boil , "We love the atmosphere that the cannabis community brings to the food industry so we wanted to embrace and embody that. We have truly dug deep into the science of what cannabis and food can really mean so we try to bring that in the most economical way possible for our people because sometimes it’s not always feasible for our people so this is something that we do that looks like us, feels like us and the culture is sitting down at every party and event." 

As the special guests were leaving, they took time to talk to Adrienne regarding their satisfaction with the delicious food. Trey Budden expressed how he loved the vibes and was so full from the ample amount The Infused Boil served while Toushai showed her appreciation for her vegan meal and had everybody taste just how fire her special plate was. Black Ink's Puma and Quani mentioned how their favorite was the crab cake, "The food was amazing. The vibe is always dope, it's a really dope situation. We are repeat offenders." 

Be sure to keep up with the Infused Boil and The Canna Club for their next event and their upcoming menu for your taste buds! Check back soon for our exclusive interview with Chef Raven and Germise! In the mean time, take a look at the beautiful photos taken by Optical Shots and Awadia Art .

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