SZA Shares The Visuals For "Shirt"

SZA Shares The Visuals For
SZA returns just in time for Scorpio Season… While trendy track “Shirt” isn’t exactly new and was initially teased on Instagram in October 2020, its official release is finally here! First introduced to fans via Instagram before taking over TikTok with a dance challenge that resulted in her fans naming the song, the raved record and its visuals are here after a long life on the short-form platform.

In fact, later that year, SZA performed a minute-long snippet of the track during her 360-degree In Bloom livestream for Grey Goose last summer. Additionally, the sizzling single was also teased in the music video for SZA's previous proper single, "Good Days," which was released nearly two years ago. She teased the unreleased song in the outro of her "Good Days" music video, in which she can be seen pole dancing to it.

SZA Unleashes "Shirt"

Although SZA told People in June that the song "wasn't going to be on the album," it has since become its centerpiece. But who knows, maybe the sizzling songstress is using the critically acclaimed record to see what fans are drawn to. Honestly, who knows, maybe she has a slew of singles planned for release leading up to the release of her highly anticipated album that won't be appearing on its arrival.

For the fresh new official release, SZA sings over heavy subs, a boomy drum break, and glitchy hi-hats produced by Darkchild in collaboration with producer/guitarist Freaky Rob. Never disappointing, SZA understands the destructive depths of love and how to convey its all-consuming intensity through her music. The trailblazing track is accompanied by a Dave Myers-directed short film starring Lakeith Stanfield. The visual depicts the criminal exploits of a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. She exposes everything— her insecurities, flaws, and wounds while not being afraid to be noticed. In typical SZA fashion, she wraps the video with a preview of a new song. Filled with gentle, finger-picked acoustic guitar and light strings, the new sneak peak of a single has already been dubbed "Blind" per the internet. Possibly soft-launching her long-awaited follow-up to the era-defining CTRL . Also, a license plate referring to her previous project with a "DEC" sticker in the corner, have led fans to speculate that a new SZA album called NO CTRL could be set to arrive in December.

Is SZA Hinting At No CTRL?

"Shirt" may possibly serve as the latest single from SZA's sophomore album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2017's CTRL , which celebrated its fifth anniversary with some bonus tracks earlier this year. The announcement surrounding the track came about a month after SZA released a deluxe edition of her 2017 album, Ctrl . It included seven new songs such as: "2AM," "Miles," and "Percolator”. For now, press play on the visual and catch a vibe! Lastly, let us know what you think here at We Are Jersey Magazine!

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