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Congratulations on your new venture! Creating a startup business is an exciting and challenging undertaking. While there's no surefire recipe for success, there are definitely some things you can do to give your business the best possible chance of succeeding. Here are 10 tips for startup businesses to help you get started on the right foot.
You’ve probably learned by now that building a career as a creative professional isn’t easy. Whether you specialize in design, arts, crafts, or music, you understand how challenging it is to make a name for yourself and sell your work consistently. Learn more! 
You've heard the horror stories. You've seen the videos. Black Friday shopping is not for the faint of heart. But if you're brave enough to venture out into the crowds on the biggest shopping day of the year, then you're going to need a survival guide. Here are a few tips to help you make it through the day without losing your mind (or your place in line).
It's no secret that the magazine industry has been in decline for years. With the rise of digital media, magazines have been struggling to keep up. But does that mean that the magazine industry is dead? Not quite. While magazines may not be as popular as they once were, there are still many people who enjoy reading them. And, more importantly, there are still many magazines that are thriving. Here's a look at the current state of the magazine industry and what the future may hold.
By Joe Ress Environmental sustainability is more than just a hot topic for 2022. It is a way of life that can help save the planet for our children and grandchildren. As a future business owner, you are in a unique position to launch your organization without adding to the burden of Mother Nature.

We Are Jersey shares today’s posts for future business owners hoping to enter the world of entrepreneurship without damaging the environment.
We’ve all heard that saying when you’re down the shore, “Find me at DQ’s bar!” In the meantime, in between time - it’s also cookout...