The First Date: One Reason You Keep Screwing Up!

The First Date: One Reason You Keep Screwing Up! - We Are Jersey
I know that I can't wait to hop on this topic. This spot here harbors more than enough failures to teach a collegiate level course. Honestly, it's a crying shame.
The first date is key y''s KEY! That's not a difficult concept to consider, is it?

Do you remember when you saw that girl gliding along the sidewalk, like an angelic figure awaiting your approach? Do you remember when you scrolled through POF or Hinge , and your jaw locked when you saw her profile photo? That shoulder-relaxing, stomach-tightening feeling that overcame you is what you need, so that your first date can go smoothly! In a nutshell, your perspective of your date should be foremost in your thoughts!

Speaking Through Adoration

KEY POINT - when you begin to talk to your date, remember that your focus (especially if you're the pursuer) is to woo/court them...not yourself. The first mission is to capture their attention at the approach, which was a success. The concern now at this point, is ensuring that the day goes well without foolishness coming from you! Be...


Your date expects you to put forth reasonable effort, when you speak to her and seek to lock in her attention. Too many men have this issue (and some women, depending on orientation)! Their focus too often has leaned towards themselves ; expressing who they are, and ensuring that they speak on all of their accomplishments and activities. The first date should be set up in your thoughts as a class! You read that correctly! Your goal should be to learn as much about your date as possible, but how often have people gone on dates talking only about what they want out of a relationship? Your date will see that your interests aren't as much about them as they'd prefer, and that WILL bring the deciding thought to conclude further romantic opportunity! ain't always about you, dawg!

Locking-in a second date will not take EXCESSIVELY expensive gifts, unless you want another woman of a different mind to say yes to everything you want (loosely spoken). That date will come to you if you make the first one memorable , enjoyable , and comfortable ! Most times if a woman likes what she sees on sight, she's already planning to go further with you anyway. The fact is...only YOU can screw that up!

Please date responsibly!!
Your favorite love writer,

a gentleman named, Jose Wright, Jr.

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