The Focus: Sensual Symmetry

The Focus: Sensual Symmetry - We Are Jersey

For the record, this isn't your average mother's blog article....or is it? Honestly, it just might be! 

I cannot recall precisely when this was recognized, but at some point within the last several years, women have become a lot more free in spirit & thought, when it comes to tapping into their sensuality. A woman's softness cannot be duplicated! There is power in a woman who's fully confident in every part of who she is. It is sexy and exhilarating to see whether up close & personal, or whether you have no choice but to look at photos from a Canon DSL camera. 

Many people are used to these kinds of photos from professional models & modeling agencies, and that will always be sought after in this society (especially in marketing). What has been on the high note however, are photo shoots specifically capturing your every day mother, teacher, spiritual guide, or doctor. I am not speaking of just any kind of photo shoot though, but I'm speaking on those boudoir shoots. This isn't just about women posing nude or semi-nude, but the focus is capturing the sensuality within one's self, which a woman may have forgotten she had. Maybe, the power of true sensuality is something some women never really had. 

There Are Rules Applied Here 

Social media interaction constantly shows me that...sexual enslavement continues to rise higher than any decent human being wants it to. Truly, things can actually get worse than they have gotten in recent days, when you consider how men and women talk to each other online. It's honestly a disappointing shame. There are some ground rules that must be considered! A woman who embraces her freedom of sensual still a woman (who has value, regardless of your opinion of her)! I have been asked if I want to read recent DMs sent by some of the thirstiest dudes (and girls), who pursue women online that choose to show this particular form of expression. NO THANKS!! I'd rather drop a brick on my barefoot than read whatever's in there. Keep specific things in mind when trying to talk to women about this topic, or these choices that they may have made. 

  1. Women can express themselves however they see fit. They have a choice to do so just like men do, so stop judging them for it. You don't like folk judging you, do you?
  2. If you don't like it...KEEP SCROLLING or "unfollow "(on social media), but leave them be! When you start attacking them, it's a display of your character...YOURS.
  3. Even though a woman is sensual/sexual in nature, it doesn't automatically imply that they're easy to get into bed, or that she lacks knowledge, intelligence, or wisdom!! I know a woman who is EXTREMELY sensual (like your phone will short circuit if you stare too long), and will out think most of the people you know in your personal life, without a bit of struggle displayed.
  4. The morality of a woman who is more sensual than others shouldn't be questioned, simply because she shows more skin than many. We all know & likely have seen molesters & pedophiles who are male & female, and FULLY clothed!

Society teaches one thing, religious organizations teach us another, and we have to incorporate what we're taught into our lives. That said, we still have to reason with others! We cannot expect everyone to walk the same journey that we walk. We surely cannot expect every woman to act exactly the same. Act properly and respectfully to EVERYONE you come in contact with. Love can blossom from that!

Take care & be blessed!

Your near favorite love writer,


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