The Original Hollywood makes a comeback at the Visual Vibes Studio

The Original Hollywood makes a comeback at the Visual Vibes Studio

The Original Hollywood makes a comeback at the Visual Vibes Studio 

Visual Vibes Studio, located in Carlstadt, New Jersey, is a multimedia production studio, specializing in anything production based, including music videos, commercials, VFX, podcasts, and more. Some notable projects include work with Meek Mill, BMW, and other high profile brands. 

Remy Ucar , founder and lead director of the studio, is a New Jersey native, born and raised, with roots in Fairview and Cliffside. “I always rep Jersey. Jersey is the home, the original Hollywood,” Ucar said. “So, it’s played a big part in my film life and shaping me as a director.” 

However, Remy wasn’t always in the production field. Starting off as an actor, Ucar pivoted towards production after attending the New York Film Academy in 2013. After working with many studios, Ucar felt motivated to create a space of his own where people could feel comfortable and unlock their potential. “I had an opportunity, finally, to open up a space of my own,” - explained. “I’ve been in a lot of studios and I don’t like the way they operate.” 

Ucar felt as though New Jersey was the perfect place for him to pursue his studio. “All of the talent that has come from New Jersey, the locations, the proximity to Manhattan, all the stories. Yeah, it’s just the perfect place for film.” Ucar said. 

For Ucar, the most important part about creating Visual Vibes Studio is to bring together a community of creatives of all forms and “do some damage” as their own Mötley Crüe. “What I’m doing here is building that creative hub for all kinds of creatives to come together,” Ucar said. “It’s really about building community. That’s the difference, we care. We are here for everyone to come together, to level up, to bring new ideas to fruition and to actually let Jersey shine.” 

You can find Remy Ucar and The Visual Vibes Studio on Instagram at @thevisualvibesstudio, for updates on upcoming projects and opportunities.

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