The Story Behind Rising Producer Lil C4

The Story Behind Rising Producer Lil C4

We’ve all heard a beat produced by the popular producer Lil C4 regardless if it was in the clubs, Vine or on TikTok. But do you know the story behind this rising star? Let’s take a closer look to see how one guy humble Jersey producer rose to prominence in the music industry with International recognition.

Born in Elizabeth and raised in Newark, New Jersey, music was always an interest for C4 but it wasn’t until he was 12 years old that he decided to pursue it seriously. After realizing his potential, his mother moved the family computer from the basement to the living room so he had easier access to making music. With dedication and ambition, C4 teamed up with friends to create Jersey Club hits for fun and to get their sound out into the world. While learning his craft, his older brother, C4Musiq educated him on the basics of music production, setting him up for success in the future.

As he entered high school, C4 moved to Woodbridge and soon enough his name became increasingly popular in the area. It wasn’t long before established producers started working with him and giving him opportunities to showcase his talent. From there on out, Lil C4 began producing hit after hit - proving that anyone can reach success if they work hard enough on what they love!

We had a chance to sit down with Lil C4 and hear from the man himself how much music has been able to change his life after all of the hard work being 10 years in the game. Tap in with our exclusive interview with Lil C4 and Adrianna Lea where he gives us a snippet into his story and how going viral has been for him.

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