To Vibe is Always Viral

To Vibe is Always Viral

I want to focus on something that has excessive importance, but most people tend to not give it the required amount of attention. I want to highlight the portion of chemistry that detours from the anatomy, and latches on to energetic, intellectual, &/or emotional magnetism.

*clears throat* VIBE CHECK!!!

When two people genuinely vibe together, it's usually pretty organic. Nothing is forced, everything appears effortless in their interaction, and they just get one another. Have you "vibe checked" your dates? Have you taken note of who "just gets it" when it comes to you, and who doesn't? Aren't you sick of dealing with people who seem EXTREMELY difficult to deal with?

You should have a fluid, and thorough romantic experience!!

In the minds of some, there is a preference to pursue someone completely different from them. There's no need to "click," but to learn someone entirely new; no matter how challenging their personality or how diverse their culture and tradition, there must be a set of differences present for learning sake. There is nothing wrong with this desire, however you can click with someone (and vibe with them heavily)!! To be truthful, an effortless vibe doesn't denote the possibility of many differences in culture or tradition. You just have to be persistent and intentional to learn your partner!

You have to ask yourself some serious questions when pursuing a potential romance.

  1. Does your partner easily get you when you express your thoughts and emotions?

  2. Does your partner look at you as if you're doing something "off" or counterproductive, when you make certain moves or statements that most people don't get, but your partner should?

  3. Is there difficulty in understanding one another, more so than the ease in catching one another's thoughts?

The vibe check is there for a reason, but doesn't always point to impeding failure, romantically. Also, the right vibe can be developed (in some cases).

Time, intentional pursuit, and consistency can gather the means to create that close-knit, vibe. It is beautiful to snatch the energy your partner gives off, and you get to bask in it. Create the space where you both THRIVE in intoxicating, magical energy.

Written with hopes of your romantic betterment,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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