U.S. Senate Candidate Patricia Campos-Medina Rolls Out Campaign Leadership Team

U.S. Senate Candidate Patricia Campos-Medina Rolls Out Campaign Leadership Team

Califon, N.J.—February 26, 2024 - Democratic candidate Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate has announced her first round of campaign hires and key advisors who will pave the way to victory to support her candidacy to represent New Jersey working families as the next U.S. Senator for New Jersey. 

“I am thrilled to be surrounded by a team committed to changing our politics and helping me build a grassroots campaign," remarked Campos-Medina. "I am confident that with their guidance and support, we will advance our progressive message directly to voters and build a winning campaign by re-energizing the democratic base of the working class, young, Black, Latino, and voters of color. My campaign is not about county-lines or insider politics; this is a campaign for political representation for working class voters in urban centers who need to see a woman leader, a daughter of the working class, a Latina woman on the ballot.” 

Medina-Campos has tapped seasoned community and political operative, Orville Morales, to act as her campaign manager. With over 15 years of experience in civic engagement, activism, and education, Morales has effectively overseen field and political operations for both local and congressional races, in addition to spearheading issue-based community outreach initiatives across New Jersey. Hailing from a lineage of political expertise within New Jersey’s Democratic Party, he understands the importance of community coalitions to win progressive grassroots campaigns. 

“I’m thrilled to take the helm as campaign manager for Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, a proven leader who will unequivocally fight to advance policies and legislation that will improve the lives of New Jersey families,” said Morales. “We will work collaboratively with various groups across New Jersey to restore faith in our political system, to fight for our community’s political representation, and expand opportunities for all residents, not just the wealthy and the political insiders of New Jersey.”  

Also joining Campos-Medina’s campaign team is Aileen Merino who will act as the political director for Campos-Medina. Aileen is a rising star who worked for Congresswoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman district office in NJ, overseeing outreach initiatives and leading the Congresswoman’s first immigration advisory council. She is also the College Caucus Chair for the New Jersey Young Democrats and a board member for the Latino Action Network Foundation, and a member of the 2024 Cohort for Emerge NJ. 

Barry Brendel, former co-chair of Bernie Sanders in New Jersey, and an experienced New Jersey political consultant will serve as director of field strategies for Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate.

In addition to her New Jersey team, Campos-Medina for U.S. Senate has engaged Chuck Rocha and Daysi Gonzalez, as senior advisors. Chuck Rocha is the founder of Solidarity Strategies, one of the nation’s most respected Latino-owned and operated political consulting firms. 

Campos-Medina has also engaged the services of Devine, Mulvey, Longabaugh (DML), a distinguished Democratic political and media firm. DML is widely known for orchestrating winning campaigns across the United States. The firm has played pivotal roles in successful progressive campaigns, notably aiding Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary and supporting Joe Biden's presidential victory in 2020. Their consistent delivery of victorious outcomes reflects their firm’s conviction that clients, like Campos-Medina, deserve visually compelling and equal representation that mirrors the constituency they will ultimately serve. 

For more information, visit www.Patricia4Senate.com for more information.


Dr. Patricia Campos-Medina, a nationally recognized labor leader and community organizer, brings a wealth of experience and a proven record of expertise to her candidacy for the United States Senate. With three decades of dedicated service in grassroots and union organizing, electoral campaigns, government affairs, and organizational management, Patricia is a proven champion for working families. Her commitment to higher education and labor education is reflected in her academic journey, from earning a scholarship to attend Cornell University to achieving a Ph.D. from Rutgers University.

Patricia’s journey as the daughter of immigrant workers escaping civil war informs her dedication to championing education as the key to a brighter future. Her resilience and commitment to diversity and inclusivity stand as pillars in her quest to represent all New Jerseyans in the U.S. Senate. As a policy expert, Patricia has demonstrated leadership in national and state legislative campaigns, where she has tirelessly fought to protect the rights of American workers, ensuring their ability to join unions, advocating for workplace safety, affordable healthcare, and dignified retirements. Patricia Campos-Medina is not just another candidate; she is a Jersey Girl ready to restore integrity, accountability, and trust in our politics, fighting for the opportunities every working family deserves. Visit www.Patricia4Senate.com for more information.

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