UNIIQU3: Putting Jersey Club On The Map One Beat At A Time

UNIIQU3: Putting Jersey Club On The Map One Beat At A Time - We Are Jersey

For New Jersey natives, the genre of Jersey Club music represents something special, homegrown and unquestionably unique. For Cherise Gary, better known as UNIIQU3, not only is she all these things as a person, but she embodies these qualities in her performance as a DJ. Over the past few years, the exposure and love she’s brought others through playing Jersey Club music has spread far beyond New Jersey, and even North America. 

The brand-new issue of WAJ Magazine we show gratitude for New Jersey's own Cherise Gary, better known as UNIIQU3, alongside more of our local and community favorites.

Inside you can catch the spotlight on choreographers Queen Shay and Justin DeSean, Jennifer Black, Lindsay Barrz, Rodney Coursey, Taz the Creator, and L Bezzle. 

This issue is one you won't want to miss! 

We also now offer print and digital subscriptions available directly at www.wajmagazine.com

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