UNIIQU3 Uniquely Reigns On Raved Release "Jersey Club Movie"

UNIIQU3 Uniquely Reigns On Raved Release

The reigning queen of Jersey Club, UNIIQU3 returns with her raved release, "Jersey Club Movie"! The sizzling single is sexy, playful, and addicting, as it allows UNIIQU3 to demonstrate her abilities as both a producer and a performer.

In fact, it features flirty, flippant vocals combined effectively with a rapid, blazing beat and bouncing bass. The production is packed with perfectly timed drops to generate an irresistibly danceable bop. "Jersey Club Movie" is catchy from the start, with crisp, effervescent synths and UNIIQU3's enticing vocals. The trendy track is a whirlwind of energetic, sensual energy, with the percussion rising and popping like champagne bottles.

Despite the sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek lyrics of "Jersey Club Movie", UNIIQU3's performance has a lovely authenticity that adds to the auditory experience. Overall, he latest offering serves as sheer enjoyment to all listeners. When speaking on the new single and its accompanying visual, UNIIQU3 went on to say:

“This production is so playful and was so much fun to make. Fun, flirty lyrics, with the bass to make you bounce. Another bedroom banger, I truly make the best songs in my home studio. My last project was so deep and was inspired by a heartbreak but now I’m just trying to have fun again.”
"I had a blast making this video. I've been more intentional about letting my fans not only hear and feel the music but see the vision I had when creating it. I got inspiration from tv shows like Sister, SIster and Family Matters, where I got the idea of having my love interest going from geek to GQ lol. I represent the ladies when it comes to Club Music so I wanted this video to showcase all different types of beauty and bossiness. I also really stepped back into dancing for this video as well and collaborated with Solundy ( Chloe Bailey, Cardi B ) because what is 'Jersey Club Movie' without a dance challenge!"

Jersey Club is more than simply a production style; it's a musical movement recognized as the next meaningful evolution of dance music by industry titans such as BILLBOARD and VICE. The variety, charisma, and unquestionable talent of club queen UNIIQU3 have confirmed her as the ruler of this new musical dictatorship. UNIIQU3, born Cherise Gary, is a producer, DJ, rapper, and singer who began her career as a sought-after songstress in the Jersey club scene. She has established herself as one of the most energizing new producing talents in the industry.

Don't believe me? Press play on the promising producer and multifaceted musician here at We Are Jersey Magazine! Lastly, let us know your thoughts!



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