Valentine's Day 2023/Singles Awareness Day

Valentine's Day 2023/Singles Awareness Day
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I have the answer! There are so many singles still out there because...Cupid keeps sleeping on the job!! Now it makes sense!! Are you alone again this Valentine's Day? Believe me when I tell you that you aren't the only one. When he is actively shooting at people to create potential couples, I just assume he misses 75% of his targets. Cupid isn't doing very well on "love day."

Anyway, enough about that guy! I was on Instagram preparing to plan posts and check notifications, when I saw someone's status read, "Singles Awareness Day." I can't begin to tell you how hard I laughed, and it wasn't that funny in one sense. That said, it really was funny in another. A lot of people don't care about being single on this day. Some of us do, but the reasons why differ like the types of food eaten based on different cultures. Psst, you really can't go wrong with authentic Italian food, when it comes to finding somewhere to eat on a date today.

If you're single like me (temporarily), then you probably looked at yourself in the mirror and asked a question like; "why does no one love me?" I typically HATE when people reply with the "someone does love you, and you know that" line. Gratitude for those who show love in a platonic matter, isn't compromised because there's a natural, human desire for romantic love and intimacy. Whoever started that needs to go wipe their face with a rake.

Love should be given to everyone! However, since it isn't typically in everybody's world simultaneously, let me offer a suggestion (or a few) for those who feel unwanted today.

  1. Shift your focus to yourself, and not the vacancy of a partner's spot. Do things that make you smile today! Go shopping at a mall or a nice department store. Read a book you've been aching to start reading. Grab some ice cream from a creamery you don't often get to visit.

  2. Stop comparing yourself to people in relationships. No one is better than anyone else. Their timing for love came before yours did, and that doesn't reduce your value or your worth! Your time for love is en route, but you need to build until then. Don't enter your romance undone unnecessarily, when you could spend the time alone upgrading yourself.

  3. Elevate your perspectives on romance. A LOT of people enter relationships with the wrong mindset, and a potent lack of understanding. Also, I assure you that some couples are trying to use Valentine's Day to make up for the prior days when they drove their partner insane, and not in the good way either. It doesn't usually work, and it's a pretty bad idea...essentially. Learn you, learn what you need and deserve, and elevate your basic ideas of romance. It'll help you in the long run.

Make this V-Day count!

The couples are going to do their thing and have an enjoyable time (I hope). You make sure that you do the same! Change your perspective, and make this day count. Love on yourself!

Happy Valentine's Day from Jersey City's confirmed, resident gentleman,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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