WAJ Magazine: Fall 2022 Issue featuring Frankie Edgar and Tobias Eats

WAJ Magazine: Fall 2022 Issue featuring Frankie Edgar and Tobias Eats
WAJ Magazine is excited to present our Fall 2022 Issue! This issue is packed with so much talent, you won't know where to start! We have MMA Legend Frankie Edgar, The Jersey Shore Taste Guru Tobias, and Karl Baby K Roberson, former kickboxer and MMA artist. Plus, our very own Love and Romance expert Jose Wright Jr., Sade Moore from Sheen Magazine, and more! You're not going to want to miss this issue. Frankie Edgar, one of the most successful fighters in MMA history, with a list of achievements to his name. From being ranked #8 at bantamweight last year and winning titles on both sides, Fighter of the Year by World MMA Awards in 2011, 2010 UFC Lightweight Champion and Fighter Tobias, The Jersey Shore Taste Guru Karl Baby K Roberson, Former kickboxer and Mixed Martial Artist Love and Romance, by Jose Wright Jr. The Sizzling Summer Season Recap, by Minnee Sade Moore, Lead Journalist at Sheen Magazine and more! Pre-Order is available until December 1st which includes a FREE Digital Copy as well

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