What Are Baby Bibs Used For? (Complete Guide)

What Are Baby Bibs Used For? (Complete Guide)


Every parent is concerned about their child. Babies are delicate and require special care and attention, especially when it comes to their clothing. So, as a parent if you have the question what are baby bibs used for? or are bibs safe for newborns? WAJ's got all the answers that you might be searching for. 

The bibs that we know today were invented back in the 1900s as a practical solution to the problem of messy eating during infancy. Before this time, babies were fed while sitting on the floor or on the lap of the caregiver, which usually resulted in messy clothes. 

During early times they were simple square pieces of cloth that were tied around the baby's neck but with time they evolved to become more functional and stylish. 

Are Bibs Safe For Newborns?

Other than the practical use to protect a baby's clothing from getting spoiled or stained during feeding, bibs also help with the baby's delicate skin reducing the risk of infection or irritation. Therefore, Baby bibs are practical and a necessary accessory for parents of infants and young children. They provide a lot of safety for the adored ones in the house.

There are several types of baby bibs available, each of them promoting a unique proposition. Some are traditionally made from soft absorbent material like cotton, just like "WE ARE JERSEY '' BABY BIBS.

Some are made of silicon to make cleaning them easier, while others are more on the stylish end like the bandana bibs. Parents who have a busy schedule and don't really have time to clean the bibs later, can use the disposable bibs.

Best Newborn Bibs?

WAJ bibs are both stylish and effective at the same time. Our awesome baby bibs are exceptional in keeping your little one comfortable, dry, and fashionable all day long. We design all our products keeping in mind the practicality and the comfort that it will provide.

We all have preferences but the fact of the matter is, baby bibs are a must-have accessory for parents to make mealtime mess-free and enjoyable for both the child and caregiver.

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