What It Means to Be Black in America to You?

What It Means to Be Black in America to You?
What it means to be Black in America is to find your creative expression & your contribution to the war and movement. We use music, poetry, writers, producers, activism, and television/movies to educate ourselves, friends, family, and the next generation. To be melanated in America is to be under constant pressure & scrutiny of the government, law enforcement, the workplace, and our counterparts. You have to be willing to embrace the beauty in the struggle because there’s no other place we can go & be totally accepted to have the ability to overcome and learn.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

I believe it’s an honor & we should wear our history and melanin as a badge of honor and not something to hide or shy away from. We are a rich people, a majority not financially but historically, natural god given ability wise, and creativity whether it’s fashion, music, movies, television, poetry, inventors, but more importantly leaders of the culture. Many of our people are still held to a different standard because of the color of our skin often sexualized, criminalized, and prejudged as aggressive when in reality we are a calm peaceful people. It can also be a very scary thing to be “Black in America” with all these police & mass shootings especially publicly.

To quote James Baldwin “to be black & relatively conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage” from an equality & opportunity standpoint. We’re living in a bit of uncertain time as we’re seeing & understanding just how much power we actually have & possess but we still can’t commit to unity and discipline. Over the last 5 years we could have totally shifted the dynamic and closed the wealth gap dramatically if we committed to something other than social media, clubbing, television, and “brand names” between H&M, Gucci, Montclair, Polo, and Timberland we’ve had ample opportunity to boycott/rectify. We as a people have over 1 trillion dollars of spending power that can equal the scales if we put this back into our communities for 5-10 years the total dynamic of power shifts.

It’s a very lonely place as well because we’re still being brainwashed & manipulated to the point if someone has an original thought that goes against all public opinion and public acceptance. You’ll be labeled weird, crazy, and all types of names if not canceled because of the new style of cancel culture if you state an opinion or fact that publicly offends the jews, lgbtq, or women empowerment movement. What is your opinion or experience about “What Being Black in America Means to You”?

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