"Why Choose Me?"

There's something very real within each of us that plagues our romances. Many have asked themselves a question that has attached itself to their conscious thoughts; WHY did my partner CHOOSE ME? Have you ever found yourself frozen in thought, while you stare at your reflection? Have you ever looked at your physique with disgust and wondered.....ha ha....just kidding!! Look at YOU!! Girl please, you KNOW you're fine!! STOP PLAYIN'!! Bro, you KNOW you GOT IT! Quit doubting yourself!!

At times it becomes difficult to accept yourself, and being that people are on social media parading their bodies, dollars, or opportunities to go to somebody's (overly expensive) island, you may see yourself as unfit for this society's demands and standards. That is why you should live by your own standards, and NOT allow anyone else to define you!

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Consider this time frame as an opportunity to remember something important. Your partner chose you, because they can easily see the magic in you! You aren't invaluable, and despite whatever your circumstances are, you can breakthrough any obstacle that you face. Noting this, you must remember that you ARE WORTHY to be loved.

Here are a few verbal/thought keys to combating a lack of self assurance

  1. Look in the mirror and audibly remind yourself that you are beautiful from every angle.

  2. When you do not feel beautiful initially, put on an outfit that you know drives your partner crazy!

  3. Sit in silence, and imagine yourself somewhere that allows you to be fully yourself, and with no restriction.

  4. Find/create a mantra for yourself, that elevates your being and state of mind.

  5. Write down what puts you in a greater mood, and surely reminds you of the value you wish to see in yourself. Write that in a journal, daily.

You are a universal wonder by just being alive! You've got to see yourself as worthy and valuable of all things good, beautiful, and fulfilling. Lack of comprehension in that area can greatly affect how you relate to your partner, and put the relationship in a challenging position. Being unable to see your worth, may create conflict & opposition when your partner seeks to love on you, embrace you, etc.

There is NO ONE quite like you! Walk in that reality!!

- Your very concerned gentleman, love poet & writer,

Jose V. Wright, Jr.

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