Zye Ca$h Creates A Lover's Anthem To Kick Off 2023!

Zye Ca$h Creates A Lover's Anthem To Kick Off 2023!

The self-proclaimed "country remix king" isn't afraid to experiment. In fact, Zye Ca$h enjoys fusing various musical styles into beautiful and distinct sounds. As a result, Zye's most recent release, "Love Someone," displays his uniquely discovered style and sounds.

Entering the new year, this trendy track serves as an anthem for anyone on the lookout for love. Before the end of 2022, the raved release had already amassed over 7,000 pre-saves. Continuously creating timeless music, this genre-bending talent will leave you anxiously wanting more.

“Love Someone” comes to fans as a touching track about a lonely man who wants to start an old-fashioned love relationship with someone new. The sultry single catchy melodies, and ear-pleasing vocals that will move the musical masses. The trailblazing tune features dominating drums and guitar-heavy instrumentation seasoned with warm contemporary Country flavors.

Moreso, "Love Someone" is Ca$h's personal ode to his life as a single father hoping to find love one day. Throughout the track, special gestures are mentioned, such as "handwritten letters" and "old school love”. According to Ca$h, this is something he would like to have in a relationship. His depth of authenticity will be appreciated by his audience. Made up of elements of country and hip-hop he has a laid-back groove that graces the production. We are eager to see the visuals following such a vividly descriptive drop!

The star-in-the-making puts his own spin on country music. He draws inspiration from his personal life as well as stars such as Jason Aldean and NF. The rising country star and Internet sensation Zye Ca$h creates extremely vulnerable and authentic music. Aside from his incredible talent, his most distinguishing feature is that he is as real as it gets.

Additionally, "Slide," "Burn," and "Fun For Free" are some of his previous songs that showcase his talent. Not only tapping into his talents, Ca$h connects with his fans through social media on a regular basis. Zye Ca$h currently has nearly 500k TikTok followers and 20k Instagram followers and counting. "Love Someone" arrives as a tasty appetizer for what listeners can expect to hear from him as he announces a new EP on the way! With more raved releases geared up, Zye Ca$h is set to have a BIG year in 2023.

Overall, Zye Ca$h and his vocal abilities are undeniable amongst this artistry. In addition to the upcoming EP, Ca$h is expected to be dropping a new track titled ‘Daddy’s Girl’ in the near future. While we anxiously await all things Zye Ca$h, the rising country star also plans to have TONS of live performances throughout 2023 starting sooner than we think.

Stay locked here at We Are Jersey Magazine as there will surely be more on this striving star in the coming years! Be sure to keep him on your radar and add him to your playlist's rotation to stack the streams! Lastly, press play and let us know what you think!



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