6 Expert Branding Tips for New Entrepreneurs

6 Expert Branding Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Article By Joe Rees

You came up with a great business idea, developed a product or service you’re proud of, and even set an official launch date for your business. Now, you’ve got to determine your company’s brand. A media and marketing agency like We Are Jersey can guide through brand strategy design. If you’re short on inspiration, these tips will help you uncover your specific target market, come up with an aesthetic and messaging tone, and even get your business degree to learn more about branding.

Earn a Degree in Business

If you’re worried that your branding knowledge is shallow, you may want to head back to school to earn your business degree. This will give you the opportunity to sharpen your marketing skills and design a more effective branding strategy. You could pursue a degree in a specific business niche, such as accounting, management, or communications. You can go here to enroll in an online degree program so that you can easily balance work with school.

Who Is Your Target Market?

You might be eager to start coming up with logos, slogans, and design schemes for your brand - but you need to start by determining exactly who you want to reach. What defines your target market?

Consider the characteristics of your ideal customer. Where do they live? What are their occupations? How old are they, and how much disposable income do they have? By understanding their demographic and pain points, you can figure out which branding channels will help you reach them and how to illustrate your company’s solutions to their problems through your branding strategy.

Essential Brand Components

What is a brand? Overall, your brand distinguishes your business from your competitors while appealing to your target market. The term encompasses all of the visual and messaging aspects of your company’s marketing strategy. For example, your company’s logo and any graphics or photos you share on social media are part of your brand. Your email subject lines and content, copywriting in ads, company blog posts, and other written work also make up your brand.

Brand Channels

You can utilize multiple channels to communicate your brand. You do not have to use every potential channel as a branding medium - instead, focus your attention on channels that your customers already use to shop or seek out information. The Ascent states that many small businesses would benefit from leveraging channels like email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and partnership marketing.

Find Your Aesthetic

Which aesthetic choices will serve to best illustrate your company’s values and flatter the tastes of your target market? To get inspiration, check out branded content from your competitors. 99 Designs recommends making collages with color palettes that suit your business and coming up with a few words to describe your overall aesthetic, like “classic,” “minimalist,” or “handcrafted.

Standardize Your Messaging

When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Ensure that your content has a standard voice across every platform. Everything from your subject lines for email newsletters to the captions under your social media posts to the “About” page on your company’s website should sound like it was written by the same person, even if you have an agency or several marketing specialists generating this content. Dramatic tonal shifts in your content can be jarring and confusing for your customers.

Designing your brand can be a lot of fun! Coming up with your company’s brand gives you the chance to define and illustrate your mission. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to expand your branding expertise with a business degree, discover your target market, and nail down your brand’s design elements and messaging.

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