Embracing Our Culture: Yanel Rivera, Director of Abbysoul Productions and Women Speak Up

Embracing Our Culture: Yanel Rivera, Director of Abbysoul Productions and Women Speak Up

Who is Yanel Rivera?

Yanel Rivera, Perth Amboy, New Jersey native, has been focused on creating a positive impact locally for the last 5 years. This Kean University graduate is the mastermind behind Abbysoul Productions and Women Speak Up which has been creating value and unity in the community successfully through their events annually.

Yanel Rivera, Director of Abbysoul Productions

What is Women Speak Up?

Women Speak Up is an event and organization designed to create a safe space for women to share their creative skills and talents while networking with other women to help them reach their purpose and gain resources throughout the state of New Jersey. The event originated in 2017 when Yanel recognized a void in her life, and what was missing was the companionship and encouragement from other creative and passionate females in her field. Since its inception, Women Speak Up has helped countless women achieve their goals and aspirations. The event provides a space for women of all ages, backgrounds, and industries to come together and collaborate on projects, learn new skills, and build relationships that will help them grow professionally. She has impacted over 100 artists/performers and 50 local businesses and vendors, alongside 7 internship opportunities, with only the goal of reaching more on her journey. Annually, Abbysoul Productions is passionate to give back and this year she plans to focus on donating to Magee Women's Research Institute & Foundation as a way to serve gratitude to the community that helped her grow her non-profit and her own community. This year marks the grand finale of the Women Speak Up Event. Yanel Rivera is looking to grow her business Abbysoul Productions even more and expand into a physical location where interns and creatives can develop their skills, advance their careers, and achieve their goals. Rivera is dedicated to helping women achieve their dreams, and she knows that Women Speak Up is making a difference in the lives of many ambitious females across New Jersey and she isn't letting up anytime soon.
Women Speak Up Event Perth Amboy, NJ
Check out the recap of the 5th Annual Women Speak Up 2022 event below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziqYEOhbA6E&t=3s


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