Key Players Behind Every Successful Live Events

Key Players Behind Every Successful Live Events
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In-person events have taken a big hit these past few years, and the industry has yet to recover fully. But these events have been evolving as well, primarily because they were held online for several months or years. Hybrid setups, digital tools, and virtual elements have now made their way to physical gatherings or conventions, meaning digital has become the norm.

To work with these changes and adapt to the new normal, events of the future
will need the best teams to make them happen and ensure smooth operations to achieve success. Here are the people who are vital for any event and how they make things work:

Team Lead

Every team needs a strong and capable leader who can guide each member and the event to succeed. They’re mainly in charge of delegating tasks and monitoring progress, ensuring that things come together according to their vision for the event. Since in-person events have changed, highly-qualified team leaders must keep up with the new landscape. Someone adaptable, innovative, and collaborative can help manage challenges and keep everyone motivated throughout the process.

Program Administrator

While leaders set the course by creating a vision, someone else has to figure out how to execute it properly. A program administrator manages the event's
logistics, from scheduling the flow of activities, selecting a venue, estimating
attendance, choosing people and staff — including speakers and caterers — and so on. Essentially, they help develop the heart and soul of the event and are crucial in determining its success. Without their attention to detail or meticulous planning, the event will likely lack in many aspects or will only be strong in very few ones.

Marketing Specialist

As digital marketing is the future of event promotion, you’ll need a professional
who can utilize the online world efficiently and effectively. Digital marketing experts are essential in creating campaigns that boost revenue and raise public
awareness, including those necessary for events. Digital marketers leverage
tools like social media, digital advertising, search engines, email, websites, blogs, and mobile apps to create word-of-mouth buzz that can draw the attention of target attendees. These experts also stay on top of rising and emerging marketing trends. One of these is the rising use of TikTok, a social media platform for product-based businesses, where its versatility and accessibility are maximized to generate interest around an event.

Operations Liaisons

Beyond drumming up attention and hype before the event, it's essential to have people on the team who will ensure plans are properly implemented on the event day(s). The operations liaisons include personnel in charge of ushering guests into the venue, setting up equipment, conducting tech support, providing security, and cleaning up after the event, among other tasks. The number of them needed for an event will depend on the event type, how many guests are expected to attend, or the scale and grandiosity of it. If necessary, they can also wear different hats for the kind of event being put on. Some may be able to handle marketing and support in building hype or stay in the background to manage logistics closely.

Many of these people work behind the scenes to make every event a major

success, from conventions to banquets to seminars. Their work is integral to the
process from conception to clean-up; a good events team running everything
from start to finish is just as important as what goes on during the event itself.

Article written by Ruth Jesson

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