Laughter Yoga Couple Gives New Meaning to the Mantra "Live, Laugh, Love"

Lauren & Alik Colbert are the vivacious owners of first-of-its–kind premium laughter yoga brand, Laughing Lovebugs
Lauren & Alik Colbert are the vivacious owners of first-of-its–kind premium laughter yoga brand, Laughing Lovebugs, and together, they are proving that laughter really is the best medicine. The certified laughter yoga instructors live and laugh by a message of optimism, joy, and living life stress-free. After enduring their share of workplace stress, the couple each had negative physical and mental experiences as a result of the overwhelming environment that can accompany a traditional job. Soon, a Google search turned an experimental date night into a life-changing experience for them and led to their mission to teach others how to improve their health, well-being, and overall quality of life with laughter. After attending their first laughing yoga class, the pair decided instantaneously that this was a new venture they would pursue in life and in business.

At their studio in Trenton, NJ, the Colberts offer a variety of laughter yoga sessions tailored for groups, workplaces, couples, and children. Methods used by the Laughing Lovebugs instructors are grounded in techniques of non-traditional laughter yoga also known as Hasya Yoga, and breathing techniques of Pranayama, which brings more oxygen to the body and brain making you feel more energetic. The Colberts teach laughter yoga because they believe in its mental, emotional, physical, and even social health benefits. They completed Certified Laughter Leader training through LaughterYoga University, founded by Dr. Madan Kataria and now enjoy introducing this new method of relaxation to as many people as will have the courage–like they did–to give it a try.

The Laughing Lovebugs provide workshops, training, and consultations for those who are curious to incorporate the benefits of laughter yoga into their personal, family or professional lives, and participants report they feel lighter and less stressed after just one session. Each customized session is hosted by both Lauren & Alik who each bring their individual expertise to contribute unique aspects to the practice. Together, they demonstrate how the practice cultivates emotional resilience, regulation and emotional support, areas the Colberts first realized they were lacking in themselves. For this couple, laughter yoga is not only about finding a new way to de-stress, it is about forming a connection that can often get lost between people during day-to-day interactions. When people allow themselves to laugh”, they say “that laughter connects you with others, but most importantly it connects you with yourself.”

Another concept the Laughing Lovebugs teach and live by is that laughter is important for improving the overall quality of life. They empower others to take inspired action by trying something new in order to foster growth and self awareness. The benefits of laughter yoga are limitless; Laughter yoga can be incorporated into celebrations or used on its own to help alleviate, reduce, or eliminate anger, loneliness, anxiety and provide comfort through loss, pain, and depression. Their mission, says the couple is to “to teach as many people as we can to learn to laugh daily. We want to remind people that they can choose to feel good and that ultimately, how we feel at any moment is a choice.”

While the business of laughter yoga has been successful for the Colberts, setting out on this venture did not come without its set of challenges. Among them, says Lauren, was just introducing and spreading awareness about the practice since most people had never heard of it and were naturally skeptical. Now, the Laughing Lovebugs have made a name for themselves as laughter yogis, certified laughter yoga instructors, and have expanded the brand to include feel-good retreat experiences, branded merchandise, and a global presence teaching yoga to groups across the world. For the future, the Colberts plan to continue expanding their business through yoga sessions, consultation services, and creating a teaching platform for others who may be interested in becoming laughter yoga instructors as well. In life and in business the Colberts are on a mission to uplift, inspire, and educate others through healthy habits and as their slogan says, “Give a laugh, share a laugh!”

Get involved with the Laughing Lovebugs by booking a laughter yoga session for yourself or your group of friends or co-workers. Support and contribute by helping to spread awareness about the practice. If you decide to try it on your own, send the Laughing Lovebugs videos or photos on Instagram @laughinglovebugs or repost and share your favorite Laughing Lovebugs video. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, laughter yoga is sure to add a new element to your routine and introduce you to a fresh way of destressing that you didn’t know existed. No matter where you are in life, the Laughing Lovebugs practice is sure to add an element of joy, relaxation, and connection to your life; try it out for yourself at

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