Mad Minds & Little Miss Jersey!

Mad Minds & Little Miss Jersey!

Little Miss Jersey had a ball at the recent MadMinds event on April 23rd, in Morristown NJ hosted by Turkish-Royale! Upon her arrival into Homestead Bar & Kitchen, beautiful musical notes were exuding blocks away. She was greeted immediately with warm welcomes and generosity from the event vendors and performers. Adrianna also had the pleasure of supporting entrepreneurs and creatives like JasWick Candles, T.Cozyyyy, Chad Piff, I Am Chiefy 00, and so many more! The night was just getting started, when a high vibing moshpit erupted during an artists’ performance. The establishment in which they held the event served delicious food and drinks, all throughout the night. Turkish-Royale also had co-branding opportunities available with a media personality hosting onsite interviews, and it was a great night to network.

Picture provided by Adrienne B. of T.Cozyyyy

MadMinds was a terrific event to attend! There were a lot of supporters who attended the event that night. Everyone who attended looked to have a great time enjoying what the night offered. We look forward to attending many more events in collaborative efforts to uplift and spotlight talent in NJ. If you are interested in more about MadMinds, contact Turkish-Royale the event curator and creative leader to learn more! We hope to catch you networking with us and our affiliates soon!

Pictures by Adrienne B. & Chad Piff

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