Naeem Boucher Properties’ 3rd Annual Toy Drive: A Huge Success!

Naeem Boucher Properties’ 3rd Annual Toy Drive: A Huge Success!

Naeem Boucher Properties, EXP Realty, James Capra of North Pointe Bank, and Dr. Kenneth Clayton of St. Lukes Baptist Church have once again outdone themselves with its 3rd Annual Toy Drive in Paterson, New Jersey. On December 17, residents from all over Paterson, New Jersey gathered at 139 Carroll St in support of this fantastic event that donated hundreds of toys for children of all ages to spread joy, and laughter this holiday season. In addition to donating toys, there was a FREE photo booth, courtesy of Imperial Rental NJ, for families to take holiday photos that were printed on the spot for attendees, and music for everyone to enjoy provided by DJ New Money. In addition to donations from members of the local community, Naeem Boucher Properties also made contributions toward this cause.

The day kicked off at 1 PM EST at St. Lukes Baptist Church, welcoming everyone with an abundance of cheerful music. Families of all sizes came in and enjoyed the ability to pick up one toy per child allowing every attendee to have a chance to leave with something. High School students loved the exclusive option to possibly receive tech gadgets such as the popular electric hoverboards, Chromebooks, or even a TV.

Making it Happen

It takes hard work and dedication (not to mention plenty of planning) to make events like these happen. Fortunately, we had an amazing team working behind the scenes who helped make sure everything went off without a hitch. From setting up tables at drop-off locations around town to coordinating with local charities on donation pickup times, our team worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to this big day so that we could make sure that every person who needed help had access to joyous presents upon arrival.

The Good Cause Behind it All

At its core, the toy drive was about helping children have access to toys and games during what can be an otherwise difficult time of year for some families. The toy drive was also about giving back to our local community and showing our appreciation for all the support we have received throughout the years. We wanted everyone involved in this event—from our team to volunteers—to know that their efforts are appreciated and valued.

All in all Naeem Boucher Properties' 3rd Annual Toy Drive was an incredible success with lots of love and cheer. Thanks to generous donations from people in the community, children in Paterson, New Jersey will have presents under their tree this year! We here at Naeem Boucher Properties would like to thank everyone who participated in this amazing event both by donating toys or by attending - your support is truly appreciated! Until next year…happy holidays!

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