Shelly Ferrell Releases Highly Anticipated Single - Mischief

Shelly Ferrell Releases Highly Anticipated Single

 Brace yourself, as the independent rapper songwriter and producer Shelly Ferrell takes you on a psychedelic trip sonically with her new single “Mischief”. Representing Newark, NJ, Shelly Ferrell is electrified to continue to push the culture forward and experiment with sound design with her new single scheduled to be released on June 24. 

 “This is one of my favorite songs to date, I really tried to push myself creatively and try new things. I’m influenced by a lot. We all are.” Curated with a tasteful blend of alternative and hip-hop genres, Shelly Ferrell will captivate her listeners as she tells her story through love and pain over a funky bass line. “This song literally sounds like if you were on a blissful road trip with friends, or maybe someone you’re madly infatuated with and rebelling against societal constructs.” 

 These lyrics can speak to anyone, ranging from loners, stoners, hip hop enthusiasts, and hopeless romantics simultaneously. Music has always been a way to bring the masses together despite cultural differences. “Mischief” will be the first of many genre-fluid songs Shelly Ferrell plans on creating to push the culture forward and dive into vulnerability. 

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About Shelly Ferrell 

 Her love for music blossomed at the tender age of 7. During her weekend trips of visiting her blind grandmother in East Orange, New Jersey, her musical curiosity was sparked when she would hear her grandmother play church hymns effortlessly on the piano. Shelly then discovered her infatuation with keys and the sounds they produced. Those pivotal moments of learning piano from her grandmother influenced Shelly later in life. Focusing on expanding her crafts, she then developed more instrumentation skills by learning the Cello and Alto-Saxophone which helped substantially in her music production and songwriting endeavors. 

 With an artistic style that is constantly growing, Shelly has performed in numerous venues across the tri-state area including New York and New Jersey. Some of her notable works include an early on collaboration with the song “Visions ” featuring VH1’s MRose. “Vision” discusses different crises that are going on in the world such as unjust policing, crooked/corrupt politics, and self-reflection/self-awareness. Her previous singles “New Jack Swing ”, "Cool It Jack " and "Speak Volumes " has been a hit among both hip hop fans as well dance believers alike for their fun yet conscious lyrics that resonate among listeners' lives and journeys. As a passionate songwriter and artist who always strives toward improving herself, Shelly continues climbing higher than ever before; taking on new challenges at every turn of events.

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