I was watching the Netflix documentary, All Lights, Everywhere, and a huge down load came through. Heres what I was told. Black holes are silent. UNTIL... They come into the orbit of another black hole. As they get closer to each pther the sound gets louder and faster. Then when they finally merge... SILENCE. Maybe we are viewing relationships all wrong. Black holes are at the center of all galaxies. At the center of our bodies are our hearts. Now stay with me here... But you typically done hear or feel your heart intil something else awakens it. Examples: exercising, sex, nervousness, etc. Then when you stop, center and merge back into the present moment... SILENCE. When we start relationships with people... When we start to love people... Our hearts race... Out stomachs get butterflies... We may sweat more due to nervousness... Its exciting, Thrilling, Then as we connect more things tend to slow down. We always say “oh we used to be like this”, “we used to do this”,etc. But maybe at a certain point we finally merged and the silencing of our hearts is a confirmation. That our soul have collided, Into one soul. So despite our differences We are always at the center of everything, All the same. It gives new meaning to the phrase “it was written”. Out of all the people.. Galaxies... Demensions... Stars… C Our two hearts found each other in The Vastness... Abundant... Never-ending... Expansion of this and every other universe. Every heart beat was the morris code of our hearts. Beating and moving, Ever closer to Another BLACK HOLE... It needed to merge with To keep us growing And ever expanding. After Valentines Day and the full moon in Leo (rules the heart), The message is clear... Follow your heart. For it is your magnet. It attracts to you what is for you. With Love, Joscelyn Lewis

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